Development chapter, now part of the m0n0wall Developers’ Handbook. Francisco Artes (falcor at ): IPsec and PPTP chapters. Fred Wright (fw. Getting started with m0n0wall, a complete embedded firewall software package. Additional Contributors listed in the m0n0wall Handbook. m0n0wall Version. m0n0wall Manuel Kasper announced the end of active development of store its entire configuration is another example of the miracles Manual brought to life.

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This means that all open connections will be broken and will have to be re-established. This can be used for a web server serving images for the portal page or a DNS server on m0nn0wall network, for example.

See the Wireless chapter for more information on wireless configuration options.

Once configured, it will automatically run m0n0wall with your configuration when booted. FreeBSD refers to network cards by their driver name followed by the interface number. You now know the drives currently in the system, so you know which you don’t want to use.

The default is 60 seconds. SHA1 is handvook suggestion if you can, but MD5 is always a good alternative. The Services Screens 4. That said, everybody’s free to start their own translated m0n0wall branch – the M0n0wall license, under which m0n0wall is placed, essentially permits anyone to do anything with m0n0wall as long as the original copyright notice and license are preserved somewhere see the license for details.


If you need more than 17 Mbps of throughput between your internal networks, you will need to go with a faster platform. This feature can be turned on or off for each IPsec connection.

Assign the network interface ports as described in the following chapter.

m0n0wall Documentation

If it is ‘wi’, it will work. Upload an HTML file for the portal page here leave blank to keep the current one. Configuring the VPN Tunnel 8. The author has seen this situation numerous times, and in every case, the ISP was m0n0waol to help and resolved the problem. I use the router name as the Internal Name and Common Name.

Thank you Manuel!

Select the private key for each router, and click on the “Export” button. To ensure you have selected the appropriate disk, run physdiskwrite prior hadbook inserting the media you’re planning to write, and make note of its output.

Michael Iedema has written a program to automatically add SMP support to a m0n0wall release, which is available from http: Just be sure to move slowly and read all the directions before you do anything, so you don’t lose contact with the remote M0n0wall before you get it set up. Because of the way Captive Portal is implemented, it cannot be used on more than one interface.


Plan carefully when you will make changes to the Captive Portal configuration. The Firewall Screens 5. Chris Buechler is working on making this more understandable and easier to follow. This allows the m0n0wall device to detect if a tunnel is still being used. Keytype should be “RSA”. Note that using a different DNS server or editing the hosts file on the client machine gets around this restriction, but doing this is sufficient to block the site for the vast majority of users.

The single XML file to store its entire configuration is another example of the miracles Manual handbool to life. If you plan to use m0n0wall in VMware m0n0eall testing purposes, we suggest using Chris Buechler’s pre-configured m0n0wall VMware images. Note that it is never necessary and strongly discouraged to use IP aliasing on the WAN interface by means m0n0wxll ifconfig commands.

Routing via the PPTP tunnel and 2. A complete list of changes for each version can be found on the m0n0wall web site under Change Log.

Also paste it into the “Peer Certificate” box on RouterB’s page. The IPsec specification includes many features and services.