My Life. Lyn Hejinian. Recognized today as one of the great works of contemporary. American literature, My Life is at once a poetic autobiogra- phy, a personal. My Life has ratings and 62 reviews. Michael said: A work of slow art, as well as one of the few collections of Language poetry that has aged well. Note: This is the sixth section of My Life, “marking” Lyn Hejinian’s sixth year, It appears on pp. of the Sun & Moon edition (). An overview of.

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Feb 07, Michael Farrell rated it it was amazing. You must go int this collection with zero expectations, she is a Language Poet and writes emphasizing the readers role in interpreting and bringing meaning to what she has written.

Dec 25, Renee rated it it was amazing Shelves: My Life and My Life in the Nineties. A beautiful and poetic exploration of self, memory, process, and language And for once to a country that did not speak another language. Her poem My Life has garnered accolades and fans inside and outside academia.

Were we seeing a pattern or merely an appearance of small white sailboats on the bay, floating at such a distance from hejimian hill that they appeared to be making no progress. For those who crave linear narrative, you can definitely find it here if you want it.

Microreview: Lyn Hejinian, My Life and My Life in the Nineties

Sorry, Not Sorry Boots Riley’s new film roasts racial Jan 13, Reader rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love the sheer imagistic and synesthetic beauty of the first sentence, “A moment yellow, just as four years later, when my father returned home from the war, the moment of greeting him, as he stood at the bottom of the stairs, younger, thinner than when he had left, was purple–though moments are no longer so colored. Hopefully she releases a third edition of the poem.


Lyn Hejinian born May 17, is an American poet, essayist, translator and publisher. Many people, in my experience, will come up against this book because you don’t merely read it–you come up against it and say that they find it impenetrable or heavy-handed. Jan 06, Hejjnian Schaeffer rated it really liked it.

I am a ‘first-time caller’ to Hejinian as is lofe on talk-back radio and find her writing fascinating, almost spell-binding. An experimental intervention into the autobiographical genre, My Life explores the many ways in which language–the things people say and the ways they say them–shapes not only their identity, but also the very world around them.

Project MUSE – My Life and My Life in the Nineties

It feels like a stream-of-consciousness Woolfian-Kundera daydream. There is no solitude.

Aug 29, A. Susan SontagGeoffrey Movius.

Microreview: Lyn Hejinian, My Life and My Life in the Nineties | Boston Review

Make a tax-deductible donation today. Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. While youthful time may seem all encompassing, remembrance from an older vantage point suddenly breaks apart into neat, ordered decades. A work of slow art, as well as one of the few collections of Language poetry that has aged well, My Life in its original form consists of 37 sections, 37 sentences each, that condense the first 37 years of the life of avant-garde poet Lyn Hejinian into verse.

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Jun 30, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mar 09, Zech Soakai rated it liked it. In lieu of chapters, Hejinian begins each brief section with a phrase like “a pause, a rose, something on paper”and the section that follows doesn’t trace much of a narrative connection to that heading. Sep 20, Christopher rated it it was amazing Shelves: Create new account Request new password.


As for we who “love to be astonished,” this book does not merely suffice, it defines. Many of the sentences appear as windows into a life, while others act as brief aphorisms on the making of the book itself. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

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Hence, repetitions, free from all ambition. Her experimental autobiography My Lifefirst published inis the purest example of this poetic project, and established her as one of the foremost members of the Language school of poetry. Surrealist poetry is a new thing for me and I love the poetic images that set me in a new direction, but my thirst for narrative and vicarious exeperience goes unsatisfied and I’m left wanting more.

Up there with the absolute best poetry I’ve ever read. Religion is a vague lowing. Hejinian has continued to update the book over time, allowing it to grow with her, and has released a further volume entitled My Life in the Nineties Shark, Refresh and try again.

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