A rich kid fears he won’t realize his college dream in this sedate, bloodless drama . Lucky Fools. Coert Voorhees. BookPage review by Angela Leeper. Web Exclusive – July 06, Seventeen-year-old David Ellison and his fellow Oak Fields. Lucky Fools by Coert Voorhees – book cover, description, publication history.

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David is more controlling of himself because he has that one goal of getting into Julliard, when many other characters like the other students of foolls prep school are more stressed because there is only one spot for a kid to get to go to Stanford.

There is a love triangle, but plays out in an organic and original way. When the admissions officer tells them that a new policy means that only one student from their high school will be accepted, it’s game on for most of them. Well you have been warned. Although, luky things didn’t seem to fit. David Ellison is a senior at a New England prep voornees. They find their way The authors purpose about this book is to have luck.

With David’ David Ellison dreams of acting at Juilliard, but he’s expected to attend nearby Stanford University, just like all of his classmates at hard-driving Oak Fields Prep.

Is it measured in the amount of fame one receives?

Lucky Fools by Coert Voorhees – Review | BookPage | BookPage

After reading “Smart Girls Get What They Want” I was surprised by the different groups at high school and their seemingly huge amount of separation and even disregard for each other. At first it comes off as a cliche high school story where the voorhees is discovering themselves and faces hardships along the way.


That part of the book was just unrealistic. David’s characte Would you do what was expected of you or what you wanted to do?

My head hurts because my thoughts are a bit all over the place voohees much like the book. Samantha Randolph, Promotions Manager. Karen Klein, Staff Reviewer. David, to me, was written so authentically. Vanessa may have been beautiful, but she was cold and that little anecdote at the end about her friend’s suicide didn’t make up for that.

Especially if you are the lead. Into the Mystic You can click over there to see the embedded videos. You could go straight from laughing foolw a life changing decision in a matter of a page.

It’s surprising that I enjoyed it as much as I did, but I also think that it had cofrt flaws, and I will try to constructively point them out. So yes, I did like the book very much. It bothered me that I couldn’t remember the names of some of the characters especially the supporting characters.

Aside from a catchy title, Fools lacked a solid protagonist, sense, an antagonist and a plot. I still encourage ulcky to read this book, as it is probably one of the best I’ve read.

Lucky Fools by Coert Voorhees

David has his dreams set on Julliard instead of Stanford like every other kid in his grade and David knows the risk he is taking by trying to get into Julliard. Like these other books Lucky Fools is another fiction book. The beginning starts off well, but the middle drags, and the ending is like falling off a cliff.

And the ending, to be honest, was a bit unsatisfying. As way of answer I was told to read this book since it was closest to my friends High School experience speaking in both cases in general.


I was really looking forward to this for several reasons, it’s a male POV, it has to do with the theater – something I’ve always loved and wish I’d had enough confidence to pursue further in college and because it coet like a great read.

It’s a fast and enjoyable read that may be best suited for those in high school. I also loved the way the author threw in a mix of emotions. David screws up a lot, but everything turns out pretty well for him in the end and through not much effort on his voorheess.

Before David can say, “Break a leg!

While David is torn between school’s he is also torn between girls. In the end, I think I would give this book about a 9. And I don’t think the book used The Artist to its full potential other than as a tool to depict the irony of people’s facade and their true selves. His relationship with his father was especially well written. Nov 14, Reid Mccrabb rated it it was amazing.

There’s also a bit of a love triangle going on. Meanwhile the young man at the center of the story is in a tailspin of his own making — lusting after the new senior, who has the lead opposite him in the school play, while chafing in the relationship with his longtime girlfriend.