Continuação do SEGREDO de L. Marie Adeline Cassie agora vai ajudar uma nova integrante do SECRET a superar seus medos e realizar. Compre SECRET Revealed: A SECRET Novel (S.E.C.R.E.T. Book 3) (English Edition) de L. Marie Adeline na Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais exclusivos. SEGREDO Compartilhado. L Marie Adeline Segredo Compartilhado Pdf Download > Show Spoiler. L Marie Adeline Segredo Compartilhado Pdf Download.

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With that said, I have to give the author tons of credit because each scene she wrote was unique and creative. On the flip-side, this is also where all of the hanky-panky takes llivro. Call me greedy, but I want the empowerment of women and the happily ever after, not just one or the other.

I’m not one to judge anyone on the level of their sensual fantasies, but I have to admit that the portrayal here of the different realms that Cassie went through over the course of a year in each of the steps of the S.

S.E.C.R.E.T. Revealed

And I really liked focusing on Cassie en Will again. Especially if that life came without out any form of judgment or limits. Although people l.,arie poo poo novels like this because of the high sex content, they really are putting a good message out there about women empowering themselves and supporting other women.

In this novel, though Solange has all these really hot encounters, there’s not a point where I feel like she’s reopening herself to her erotic side. Its strong characterization is well developed and stays steady throughout the story.

S.E.C.R.E.T. (Secret, #1) by L. Marie Adeline

Oct 29, Duchess Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: Here, a new character, Solange, undergoes the secret sisterhood that grants every woman’s sexual fantasy.

It ends strong with a bit of a cliffhanger–finally finding that problem I was looking for, yay! I just wanted a fun, l.,arie, exploring read perhaps where the heroine comes into her own llivro finds her own sense of happiness with either someone she cared about or maybe being put on her way towards being more confident, sexy and going in her own path in that measure for her life.


If that was the true ending, I’m out.

I couldn’t have ever written anything this perfect ever. The sex scenes may be short but they are definitely tantalizing, hot and steamy. She notices a couple who always sit in her section at work In the end, it all came down to emm or not Cassie had the courage and desire to be whole and vital again.

This is not just a book about sexual fantasies, there are solid stories going on, making my connection to the characters stronger and I found it easy to relate to the characters and found them all really engaging.

S.E.C.R.E.T. Revealed (Secret, #3) by L. Marie Adeline

So hot, and oh so exciting!!! I hesitate to call any book perfect, but for me, this series is as perfect as one can get. Heartbroken, Cassie dries seyredo tears and focuses on her work with helping the latest S.

For a woman who had only ever been with one man — the deceased, sometimes abusive and unhappy husband — she takes extraordinary steps to become more empowered and this she does through freeing herself sexually.

I didn’t regret to read 3 book from these series and to immerse in this plot of desire and love. She shares custody of her son with her ex and their relationship works remarkably well for a divorced couple. Instead of a quivering virgin awaiting the brutal manipulations of an uber-controlling damaged man, here we have a sensible 36 year old who has forgotten how to live. I hate the ending. There are not many books that I would read again but I would definitely revisit this trilogy and recommend it to all of the readers women and men in my life.


I though the ending she got was perfect for her! Turns out that the diary is part of a secret organization. In any case, the owner of the book, as well as a mysterious woman, invites Cassie to be a part of this “secret society” called you guessed it S. If you are looking for a steamy hot read then I highly recommend this book and the entire trilogy.

I have to be honest. While reading, I never connected with the characters or the storyline. All Cassie has ever wanted is Will Foret and his love. So much so that I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book. But in the end I just wanted her to be happy It was as if the author forgot how to keep things varied, keep things real.

For these reasons, I was excited to begin reading. I actually didn’t realise how much I was waiting for this final book but because the storyline for this series is so compelling and you always always find yourself rooting for O.marie and wanting the best things to happen for her, you too will be waiting for this final installment! But when Will discovers that Cassie is part of S.

By the following weekend, I had the first four chapters. It’s our first date. You think you are getting a nice little bow on top and then bamm. This story kept me nervous till the end and it was wow. Once the random sexual encounters began, I felt like the story lost all of the qualities that connected me to it early on.