Cumplir y respetar las leyes, al igual que cualquier otro deber establecido .. se amparan en las disposiciones del Código de Trabajo de la República Dominicana, el .. Por la comisión de las infracciones contenidas en la ley , sobre. Get this from a library! Código penal de la República Dominicana: incluye las modificaciones de la Ley no. del 28 de enero de G.O. La Ley del 27 de enero de contra la Violencia Intrafamiliar. Para los fines de la presente ley se consideran como jóvenes los dominicanos y.

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domiinicana Eight years later, inthe Constitution was again amended to provide mainly for the presidential re-election Article Consulta Legal Entradas Atom. For each a republicx judge decides all matters relating to real property. This Law has been in effect for 75 years. Guide to Legal Research in the Dominican Republic. This has meant a profound transformation of the criminal justice system. They regulate the improvement and preservation of the environment, and delimit regions within the country to be protected.

The first National Constitution was signed, on October 22, Los bienes inmuebles entran en comunidad cuando han sido adquiridos bajo el matrimonio en comunidad. With modifications, this original code is largely still in effect today.

Elements of Reform World Bank The Supreme Court of Justice was given constitutional authority to designate the judges at all levels of the Judiciary, and authorized to exert disciplinary authority over all its members, putting an end to Executive and Legislative control over judges and personnel of the judiciary.

Other major pieces of legislation regulating the banking and financial system of the Dominican Republic are the following: Initiatives directed towards justice and law reform took place within the context of government modernization efforts, seeking to adapt the legal and economic framework of the country for a gradual inclusion of the Dominican Republic in a global and regional economy, and to strengthen the democratic process [13].


Treaties and International Agreements. The Constitution of the Dominican Republic, enacted July 25, as found on three sites, below: Fifty six volumes were published, covering the laws, resolutions, decrees and regulations from toarranged in chronological order.

:: Derecho de Familia y Niñez > Departamento de Derecho Internacional > OEA ::

These enactments abrogate Ley No. This latter publication is available electronically. This database is not open to the public. Amigo del Hogar,p.

Dominican Republic

oey For large Districts leyy courts can be subdivided into Salas Halls. Thereafter the new republic was subjected to a long power struggle between those who wanted to remain independent The Blues and those who supported the annexation of the country to France, Spain or the United States The Reds [5].

It completely modified the social security system of the Dominican Republic. This first volume was followed by 24–97 supplements: Discovered by Christopher Columbus inthe Dominican Republic was colonized by Spain until when, pursuant to the Treaty of Basle, which ended the war between France and Spain sparked by the French Revolution, Spain ceded to France the eastern side of the island, giving to France control over the entire island of Hispaniola [2].

Once a bill is approved, it is sent to the President of the Republic for promulgation and subsequent publication in the Gaceta Oficial Official Gazette. Gaceta Judicialano 1, no. The most relevant are: It has not been updated since Todos los comentarios Atom.

The Supreme Court is the highest administrative authority of the Judicial Power. The High Land Courts are primarily appellate courts and 244-97 appeals from the Land Courts of original jurisdiction. Please, Read the Update! Pablo Antonio Machado, Jurisprudencia Dominicana, 2 v. In August 14,the Constitution of the Dominican Republic was lsy. See more on the main homepage of the firm under publications. Legal Databases Several efforts have been made by private entities to develop legal information databases in the Dominican Republic.

Global Database on Violence against Women

Each regular session lasts for ninety days, but can be extended up to sixty additional days. Another effort was undertaken by William C. Among the most important amendments: Public access to the library catalogs is available online. Trial Judges Jueces de Instruction are competent to resolve all issues which arise during a preparatory proceeding, to conduct the preliminary proceedings, and to dictate relevant resolutions and sentences in accordance with abbreviated rules of procedure. The websites make accessible the full text of laws, decrees, resolutions, regulations and court decisions, international treaties, agreements and conventions signed by the Dominican Republic as well as the regulations set in force by the office.


A major piece of legislation related to minors and family matters is Ley No. Unfortunately, this effort was not continued and the country still does not have a law reporting system separate from the official Gaceta Oficial publication. A total of Executive Orders were enacted, touching on virtually all aspects of governmental administration.

The fundamental reforms of the Criminal Code authorized by Decrees No.

The Constitution defines the system of government of the Dominican Republic as being civilian, republican, democratic and representative. The Secretaria de Estado de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales Secretariat of State for Environment and Natural Resources is the State agency responsible for the protection of the environment and development of natural resources.

These courts may be divided into Criminal and Civil Chambers. Structure of the Government. Main objectives of the reform have been to expedite trials, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the judiciary, and protect constitutional rights. Code of Criminal Procedure. Congressional and municipal elections are held in even – numbered years not divisible by four. It was modeled after the Philippines and Australian Torrens system, and remains in effect today [12].