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ilícito de estupefacientes y sustancias sicotrópicas y sustituye la ley Nº inciso primero del artículo 1º de la ley Nº , a las siguientes. Art. 1°. LEY Art. 1°. D.O. NOTA. Ley Art. PRIMERO Nº 1. D.O. – Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile. La Ley para personas con impedimentos: sus responsabilidades como L St., NW, Washington , U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,

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Any kind of victim support service is available for men, women, or children AND services must be government run, or funded by government, or provided with in-kind support from the government AND services must be operational between 1 February and 30 June Indicator is not met if less than 95 percent of the population is registered, OR specific groups are missing.

NOT there is evidence or a general statement that victims participate in ely criminal justice process as witnesses. Researcher Notes Indicator not met – Inducing child prostitution and buying sexual services are illegal under article of the criminal code but this does not apply to children under the age of NOT domestic workers are not explicitly 2050 in legislation.

The government cooperates with home country for voluntary repatriation of foreign nationals. Researcher Notes Indicator met: Modern slavery includes trafficking, forced labour, slavery, worst forms of child labour, forced marriage, and use of child soldiers.

There is evidence that government interventions or programs are based on strategies or theories of change identified by research AND this leey occurred since 30 June Researcher Notes Indicator not met – while lacking of some resources for qualified translators and interpreters, the special anti-trafficking unit seems adequately staffed and trained. Researcher Notes Indicator met – government maintained existent cooperation agreements on voluntary repatriations, but no new agreements have been made.

Government Response

Victims have been arrested for crimes committed while under the control of the person exploiting them AND this has occurred between 1 February and 30 June Legislation specifies that children require special services during the court case and NOT there is any evidence of child friendly services being used in court.


Informal sector includes workers in unregulated industries such as sex work, brick kilns, agriculture, fishing, and domestic work AND these inspections have occurred since 30 June For complete classification of this Act to the Code, see Tables.

If witness protection mechanisms are NOT in legislation and no evidence of these being used, please rate as indicator not met. Can include systems which are implemented or funded by INGOs, but with government support.

B If State law permits the registrant to vote in the current election upon oral or written affirmation by the registrant of the new address at a polling place described in subparagraph A i or A ii IIvoting at the other locations described in subparagraph A need not be provided as options.

Relevant national laws include criminal procedure code or criminal law sentencing acts. If free legal services exist in practice, but there is no evidence of their existence in legislation, please rate as indicator met.

Legislation or policies require business to report on their actions to minimise risk of forced labour in their supply chain e. Insufficient punishments would include fines for modern slavery related crimes.

NOT evidence of deportation. NOT booklets with indicators of trafficking have been handed out to police.

Researcher Notes Indicator not met- no information available on government reports on actions to prevent the use of forced labour in public lsy.

Active involvement is defined as development of the research, participation in the research, or monetary or in-kind support.

Country Data | Global Slavery Index

NOT evidence lfy general corruption of law enforcement. Cruel and inhumane punishments 205507 torture, deliberately degrading punishment, or punishment that is too severe — capital punishment, whipping, or other forms of physical violence. There must be explicit mention of modern slavery NOT investment funds or banks have corporate social responsibility policies that require them to report on human rights UNLESS modern slavery forms part of this reporting.


NOT local level anti trafficking coordination bodies. An independent entity is established to monitor the activities of the government in relation to its anti-modern slavery efforts.

Researcher Notes Indicator met- domestic legislation provides the possibility to get compensation and restitutions but no reports of restitution or compensation to victims in Public sector includes government officials, including police, immigration, and border guards.

Researcher Notes Indicator not met- national legislation provides only the minimum age for enlisting in the army. Reporting mechanism exists whereby modern slavery crimes can be reported either in isolation or as part of a larger phone service. NOT a group or body that refers victims – this is covered under Milestone 1, 4.

It can include shelter workers, case managers, doctors, and psychologists. Does not include compulsory military service, work which forms part of the normal civic obligations of the citizen, or work performed in cases of emergency such as war, fire, famine, or flood. Definition of training includes formal in-person 2050 as part of broader curriculum on human rights or other training programs, or part of an online training program. Milestone 1 Survivors of slavery are identified and supported to exit and remain out of modern slavery.

NOT asylum seekers claims are assessed outside of the country where they sought asylum. Slavery may be listed as a standalone crime in the penal or criminal code or in trafficking-specific legislation or in another act.

Forced labour is criminalised as a distinct crime. NOT free legal services are available only for citizens, not foreign victims. B as provided by State law, by reason of criminal conviction or mental incapacity; or.