Let There Be Light, 9th edition (), Darius Dinshah his favorite quotations was from the Bible, “And God said, ‘Let there be Light ‘” which. Let There Be Light has 11 ratings and 1 review. Mary said: While Let There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy by. Darius Dinshah. LET THERE BE LIGHT DARIUS DINSHAH, S C N. Eleventh Edition Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy FULL-SPECTRUM ILLUMINATION 1.

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From birth until death we are dknshah by many influences, forces, ener- gies, gravities, and undoubtedly by some of which are unknown as yet. Heredity takes a share of responsibility in hidden causes. This convoluted arrangement gives reasonable representations bu xarius technical limitations involved present printed images with little of the brilliance seen through the spectroscope.

Sunlight is the basic source of all life and energy upon earth. Other editions followed in later years with few changes. While some reasoning is given here, it is not practical to explain everything in detail. More than ever the old adage rings true, “We dig our graves with our dinner spoons” with the addition of “and beverage glasses”. Nerve builder for sensory and motor systems. This marvelous ability of Spectro-Chrome to do more than is asked of it is due in part to the capability of each Color to generate a fraction of the effects of the Colors on either side of it.

A correlation has been noted some- times in New Moon and Full Moon days and to a lesser extent for about two days before and after them with the crisis or turning point of serious cases.

dinsnah This Manual on technique has updated material for using a currently available expensive substitute electronic unit. When feasi- ble, tonate infra-Green Colors at daylight Forecast times; ultra-Green tonations at night are generally preferred as they tend to be relaxing. After an extended series of tonations for a long-standing or refractory disorder, convalescence may require a Color for many days dariua proceeding to the next Color.


Lemon when there is no fever, Blue if there is, an occasional Magenta on the chest, and a Color from Chapter six if a particular organ is involved. When time is not of the essence, begin a program of tonations as outlined elt the fol- lowing paragraphs – 1 through 9, then continue with Colors for the condition at hand.

Let There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy by Darius Dinshah

Chapter four Five Thousand Pages 31 N-l. Video, interview by Mark Ungar. Order full version, item A listed above. Due consideration must be given to digestive and eliminative functions.

Let There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy

Spectro-Chrome is not expected to change the genetic factors which play such an important part in good or poor health, but it can minimize the “side effects” some of those factors cause, thereby helping you to become what is normal for you: Babbitt dosed with only a tablespoonful or so at a time, I have used it by dinsnah glassful which may have been far more than necessary but did not cause any side effects which certainly would have resulted from a drug overdose of that magnitude.

Even if a dire prediction is accurate, much comfort may be secured by continuing with the tonations. Drink the water at the end of the tonation.

This is a simple method to Color-charge water: It was a small box holding five vials each about an ounce of water, one for each of the five slide Colors; for secondary and tertiaries, two appropriate bottles oet poured together. Magenta circulatory system builder systemic is used with the Lemon and Yellow if there had been a hemorrhage. Serious activities should be avoided during eclipses; do not eat, sleep, study, take tona- tions, etc. If you cannot buy the necessary equipment, how will you proceed?


It has been said that if dinsgah build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door.

Chronic sore throat chronic pharyngitis a. II 3 II Builds platelets, hemoglobin, etc.

Eliminate from your diet: Another view of the subject: Or a table lamp – cut a hole in the front of the shade and tape on the filters – cover the rest of the shade with dark paper so the room will not be illuminated, leaving a few small spaces to cool the lamp. Lemon and Indigo systemic back and on 1. Sometimes more than three-quarters of a shipment could not be matched into sets meeting Spectro-Chrome requirements.

The injunction compelled Dinshah to limit most of his activities to the State of New Jersey where he sold a few Projectors and books, and delivered a few lectures. The earliest task for this person was to continue the advance of Spectro-Chrome, main- taining its original integrity while cracking artificial barriers to free dissemination of the science.

The niece of one of his Theosophical Society friends was dying from mucous colitis.

Dinshah Health Society (DHS) Main Page

Septic conditions yield, regardless of the specific organism. Therapeutic Value of Light and ColorDr. The loss ma- terially handicapped his defense in the Brooklyn lawsuit which was fought three months later, and in the Camden litigation of Green, in the middle, is the physical equilibrating Color.

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