Les revenants [Ibsen Henrik] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 50 rooms; 18 heroes; scenes. Immersive show with full dive-in effect, based on Henrik Ibsen’s play “Ghosts”. The action takes place in the ancient mansion. This article describes the author’s experience in translating several of Ibsen’s plays Une maison de poupée, Un ennemi du peuple, Les Revenants, Le Canard.

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Immersive show “The Revenants” in Moscow, Russia

I found it important not to introduce this kind of explanation of the original that can affect the interpretation of the play. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. However, some editorial work was carried out. Digte ” Terje Vigen “. The enormous influence he has had on theatre around the world has been exerted mostly through translation.

Many of the Catalonian productions of Ibsen have used new kbsen of Ibsen into Catalonian.

Pastor Manders had previously advised her to return to her husband despite his philandering, and she followed his advice in the belief ibseen her love for her husband would eventually reform him.

Else Wasteson, Madrid, Aguilar.


When Regina and Oswald’s sibling relationship is exposed, Regina departs, leaving Oswald in anguish. From Doctor Faustus to Copenhagen. Again, the situation in Catalonia and the rest of Spain is quite different.

Among the translators of note are the playwrights Feliu Formosa and Rodolf Sirera, along with Anne-Lise Cloetta, who translated directly from Norwegian. At the very beginning of the project, I set some basic rules. Stockmann an absolute hero, others have a more nuanced vision of him.


Moreover, if done systematically, their inclusion attracts too much attention. However, this is not the case for translations into Spanish.

The question is that these nuances, or their absence, may affect the interpretation of a character and even of a play, transforming comic scenes into tragic ones, or crazy characters into respectable ones.

The night before the orphanage is due to be opened, Engstrand asks Pastor Manders to hold a prayer-meeting there. It was therefore less to allow revenajts to speak a radically modern language in Spanish as well. All about Henrik Ibsen. In Norwegian it is portrettbut Gina always skips the first r and says potrett. In a typical review at the time, The Daily Telegraph referred to it as “Ibsen’s positively abominable play entitled Ghosts Among the many translations that appeared during those years was that of Pedro Pellicena.

He directed it, played the leading role and even designed the scenery. To re-create this confusion of words, one must look for new pairs of similar words; in many cases these words have to be moved to a different place in the text for them to make sense.

The nuances in their lines are so accurate that, in the Norwegian original, one can feel the difference between the language these characters use when they speak to each other revennants the one they use when making an effort to speak in a more refined manner.

Stage directors have nevertheless often relied on old translations or even on translations into ibseen languages. See Ibsen and Patricia W. Upon being produced in England inthe play was reviled in the press.


When one compares the original with the Spanish translations, it is clear that Dr. The official source for Broadway Information”.

revenanta Gina and her husband are photographers, so the word appears often. Even when my first approach was to produce a literal translation, the fact that I was dealing with dramatic texts forced me to grapple with many subtleties that I had initially overlooked.

Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle Support: Ibsen wrote Ghosts during the autumn of and published it in December of the same year. The original title, in both Danish and Norwegianis Gengangerewhich can be literally translated as “again walkers”, “ones who return”, or ” revenants “.

Also in rsvenants, it was filmed in Russia, directed and adapted by Vladimir Gardin. Ghostson the contrary, deals with the consequences of not breaking it. When characters are made to ihsen contemporary Spanish, their language needs to be simplified. Retrieved 7 June Laurence Olivier Award for Best Revival.

The issue of Lord Chamberlain’s Office censorship, because of the subject matter of illegitimate children and sexually transmitted disease, was avoided by the formation of a subscription-only Independent Theatre Society to produce the play.