Information on the language, culture, history and genealogy of the Puquina Indians. Puquina Language (Pukina). Puquina was one of the Lengua Puquina *. de la dispersión territorial de la lengua puquina en la época colonial temprana. Los documentos publicados que se utilizan para complementar este análisis y. Banco de resumos» The Puquina and Leko languages (Métraux ) · La lengua Leca de los Ríos Mapirí y Beni según los mss. de los Pp. Cardús y Herrero.

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Tem algo a contribuir? For that reason, religious texts have been translated in Pukina, which ended up in the Ore manuscript fromthe only source on the language Torero Apart from these texts, we have the Kallawaya language, used by herb doctors as a secret language.


It is a mixed language, based on Pukina lexicon and Quechua morphology. Lenggua Kallawayas live d in what was probably one of the last strongholds of the Pukinas in Bolivia: Apart from some small wordlists, the only relevant source on Leko was a religious text from the beginning of the 19th century.

Recent fieldwork has provided us with more data on this dying language. Given the highland-lowland contact that is a general Andean characteristic, contact between Pukina and Leko speaking groups is almost a certainty. Within in a larger research project that will examine whether these languages have more in common than some puqyina and morphological elements, we started to reanalyze the Ore document.

Puquina Language and the Puquina Indian Tribe (Pukina, Puquinas)

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Tiwanaku el Puquina, los Incas y su idioma secreto y la piedra del lago Titicaca (poquinacocha)

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Puquina language

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