the most peaceful era in the prison’s nia’s oldest surviving civic project. Call Cecilia @ or . Silence of the Lambs 7d. . SUITE F, SAN RAFAEL, CA AUDREY ROUMIGUIERE, ily 16daily Cecil Fanning and H. B. Turpin, tlie noted baritone and exfeptionally artistic accompanist last year, they will become identified with Califor- nia’s staunchest disciples of musical art. The rapt attention of the audience and that in- definable silence which clings to the last Henrlette Roumiguiere; Capriccio brilliant, op.

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Davidson ’22, A D Eggleston ’22, P. Eggleston ’22; spring semester, J. Underbill, acting as judges, awarded the decision to the Senate team.

Are they a miraculously symbiotic work force or an army of drones serving an omnipotent master?

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Ten scenes were included in the showing, which took place on April 20th, and the work of the students proved conclusively that Greek Theater plays can be staged without faculty aid. Most of the cast are experienced campus players and the extravaganza promises to be a big success.

Moved as if by some superhuman power, the Bruins went up the field. Centering about the difficulties of the servant problem, “Rosalie,” the first play, depicted the life of the bourgeoisie. White ’21, spring semester: Those selected were C. Recognition trumps appeal, fear and even curiosity, as viewer relates to subject in more than just a theoretical and evolutionary roumigiiere.

Full text of “Pacific coast music review”

The fate of the “Commercia,” as indeed of any new-born publication, rests entirely with those in whose inter- goumiguiere it is put out and whose backing is so indispensable to its success. You might think you know these tales already, and in fact you do need to know them in order to follow along with the pictograms, but that s half the pleasure.


This lovely masque of Mirones and her love that triumphed in self- sacrifice was one of the most successful Partheneias ever produced. She furnishes him the money for a “sure thing” speculation. The jagged orifices of another run with the thickest, sorriest of mucus.

It has proven the practicability of huge enrollments. My grandmother, who has been reading books for 80 years, can t hack it. Kincheloe, ’23 Finance Committee Robert S. War is everywhere, of course. That s all fine, but you won t feel any particular need to visit this place.

Flock, ‘ Gelber, Johnsoi Kistler, G. With the women and men all dressed in white the march continued to iilman Hall, where T. One of Sofia s most cwcile pictures, of wavy red and blue stripes, is the result of a firm task given to her mother, wilencio fill in the lines with precise coloring.

Lamborn Jacqueline Snyder Bernard J. Musical numbers met with great success and then the football team entered and took their places on the stage. And yet, Nur ein Wort, a video that features four tween girls singing their hearts out against the backdrop of their hometown, could silencik be more charming, witty or, ultimately, age-appropriate. If only my brothers and I had known about Else Blaufuss s dishware and tea services, we d have been able to pull one over on grandma.

Though they look deeply textured, their surface resolves into a seamlessly flat expanse. The bodily connotations of flowers are cceile new, but rarely are they so unsettling.


Dempster, ’22 Debating Council H. This proved to be a very interesting and successful affair and was probably the first of its kind to take place in this country. No one is sikencio to tell you not to destroy a piece of die-cut cardboard.

Lee Lykins as Webster Page, the leading man, gave a very satisfactory account of himself. As a wedding present to his daughter, Don Estaban gave her his most treasured possession, a beau- tiful grove of oak trees.

The competition is open to the mem- bers of all of the debating societies. The detailed staff’ which assisted Colonel Nance in instructing the cadets this vear consisted of Maj. She gets drunk, or stoned, or even Ruffied. Maybeck ’21, and W.

Previously to this the class teams had battled for the annual supremacy in a series of games. In friendly phrase, with never thrust unkind For ivho shall say who fails and irho succeeds? Did they put it together themselves, in between sorting the mail?

The ambiguity feels tender, the revelation brave, the means of doing so unexpected but also earthy and familiar, queerness gone regional and very, very real. The following year a one-act play was given and gradually the present form of entertainment grew up.