DRV/Owner’s Manual. License Agreement. 1) All intellectual property contained in this library – including owner’s manuals and product literature – is the . We are an authorized Korg dealer and service unit has been serviced and tested by is fully functional and in excellent DRV Late s Digital reverb unit from Korg. 16 different ‘verbs that can be endlessly tweaked, PLUS you can run 2 different effects at the same.

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All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel. Consequently, I had no trouble hooking it up to my mixer korv no rummaging around in draws trying to find a lead that would fit.

If you can, disconnect the internal battery and see if it helps.

Korg DRV Dual Digital Effects Processor | eBay

You can also create waveforms that interpolate between two types, and make fine adjustments to the waveform. You may, after all, be perfectly happy sounding just like every other band that happened to buy such a machine and, yes, there are an awful lot of them around.

The original sound still shines through in all its glory but the tightly clustered reflections from the walls of your imaginary reverb chamber combine to make this one of the most usable of the effects available. Running through the presets then, ‘Concert Hall’ sounds exactly as its title implies. A total of 80 programs 40 banks x 2 channels can be saved. This is how I tried it out: Log in or Sign up.

Okay, time to actually sit down and use the device.

The second method of customisation is by editing the program parameters themselves. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note. Sound On Sound – Sep One thing I succeeded in doing was to create an acoustic environment that was actually too small for the device, namely a snare drum.


Each program can be given a name and a number, rather than just a number – which is good, and this is accessed from the ‘Utility Mode’. The first thing I noticed about the DRV was that it does kkorg to need quite a beefy ddv before the ‘headroom’ LEDs on the front panel start to twitch. I’m DLing now There’s definitely a backup battery in there, but it’s model is not mentioned in the manual. Sync mode lets you specify the delay time in terms of 11 different note values ranging from whole notes to 32nd notes.

But perhaps this is the best frame of mind in which to review a piece of equipment like the Korg DRV, concentrating on what it can actually do for you and what the end result sounds like instead dgv just comparing it with other instruments in the market place; though this, of course, must be taken into consideration. The second is one of basic sound – you either like it or you hate it. However, the front panel could be a little more helpful. If it has to be unsoldered Can’t get the any thing to call up, not FF’s what do ever.

Your name or email address: The machine then jumps to the effects program you last called up.

Korg DRV 3000 Dual Digital Effects Processor

Haven’t used it years, dusted it off and plugged it in, put batteries in the remote. Alas, I never did, and I’d hazard a guess that I’m not the only one in this situation.

You’re expected to know what they are kprg what they should sound like. This has more to do with the restrictions imposed by the hardware rather than any fault of the programmers.

DRV-3000/Owner’s Manual

The main user interface is a character backlit hurrah!! From this, I noted that the machine has a three megabyte bit memory and a dedicated sound processing chip, which is not to be sniffed at! Klrg true bypass 3000 An optional expression pedal can be used to control multiple effect parameters simultaneously. The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. Buy one of these instead!


Searchable archive of old, out-of-print music production magazines. So, I suspect that the Korg unit may have a problem in the pre-amp department. One thing that I did miss though – a feature now working its way into a lot of synths typically Yamaha’s – is the use of morg ‘edit buffer’, which lets you park patches away and then recall them later, just in case you made a bad goof and couldn’t remember exactly how you arrived at that particular point.

The user interface has also been updated for dramatically improved ease of use. Hence, you can set a program vrv on the Korg to correspond to a particular voice patch on a MIDI keyboard, which is especially convenient for live use.

Musically, very satisfying, giving the impression of two very complex instruments at work. To me, devices that make a sound have always taken priority over things that simply modify an existing sound.

Seamless bypass and program changes allow you to retain the reverberant sound when switching sounds. EEproms can be sensitive to static, as can the microprocessor.

No, create an account now. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. It is also possible to filter the frequency content of a sound using the DRV’s high and low pass filter facility. Having produced a suitable edit, the next step is to save your program for posterity and, happily, the DRV manual leaves nothing to chance when it comes to storing data and is genuinely helpful.

And this, sad to say, is where Korg have goofed up a trifle. The rear panel of the DRV is glorious: