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Portera piecu spēku analīze

Competitive advantage is one of the principles of modern economics and strategy is a tool by which is achieved competitive advantage. I have described an importance, main goals, mission and success factors of our project.

System is able to capture frames from camera feed and pass it to a pre-trained neural network, neural network then outputs detections of dogs with bounding boxes.

Examples of methods for representing a spatial object in virtual reality in Google Chrome browser window using “WebGL” and real-time management of the position of spatial object with an additional smart device.

Add-ons are attached separately. The first unit controls the device connected to the mains, the second informs about the temperature in the room, the third follows the mode of the door or windows in the house. Vilnius,48 p. In the final paper of Bachelor Thesis have been created Industrial equipment effectiveness monitoring system. All main image processing operations are from OpenCV library.

The investigation of the surface waves propagating at the metamaterial interface; Conclusions; References; Appendix. All raised tasks are implemented, using Kalman filtering distance traveled is calculated successful. Three devices have been created that perform home control and monitoring functions.


The main objective completed successfully, all tasks were successfully implemented. Darbo apimtis — p. Department of Electrical Engineering. The company’s business plan is prepared. Subject Integrated Monitoring and Surveilance System.

Information anzlize companies have been taken over from the portal Business Croatia, and research includes 39 different indicators for each company.

Investigation of drifting of autonomous four-wheeled platform. The data is portrayed graphically to the user and can be saved in a file for further analysis. Two interfaces have been selected for the work: Examples of methods for representing a spatial object in virtual reality in the Google Chrome browser window using “WebGL” and real-time management of the position of spatial object with anlaize additional smart device.

Vilnius,64 p. Valdymo modulio programai sudaryta: Subject Eye Activity Measurement System.

Njemačke kompanije napuštaju Rusiju

Algorithm for its data processing and transmission was implemented. After successful konkurenut of neural networks, I have prepared a scheme for system testing. To create that system was written software, created system model and everything was well tested.

This bachelor thesis investigates the problem of online behavioral monitoring systems and the relevance of its data to the success of an enterprise.

To reach this goal I created two data sets which are used for training process: The surveillance and security system consists of a module device and a monitoring web site. Thesis consist of p. The results partially meets the task, only thing that are missing is real time view analyzing and calculating number of blinks Keywords: Students name, surname Benas Milinskas. To reach main konkufentu of the project, simmilar systems were analysed, their pros and cons evaluated, functional and structural schemes were drawn, UML diagrams for database and algorithms were created.


Faculty of Electronics: Vilnius Gediminas technical university

Creating a database that uses the server to provide information for the graphical interface of the system. Our main goal is to develop a system which can detect dogs and dog walking violations in a specific area. The task of this work was the recognition of isolated Lithuanian words using convolutional neuronal networks.

Darbo apimtis — 35 p. Implemented extended Kalman filter and data fusion for distance traveled calculations. Carried kpnkurentu research of implemented algorithms and analysis of results. Next step was to design structure and functional schemes, a mobile sensor block program algorithm, command control program algorithm, circuit diagram and construction sketch. The purpose of the system is to monitor the use of equipment used in the work environment and to provide automatic presentation of electronic letters with graphical reports to employees.

The master server software is able to update the data received in the database and submit it to the user’s graphical konkurenti and update it.

The analysis of the effective medium approximation method; 3. The main goal of this Bachelor’s thesis was to create integrated monitoring and surveillance system. Subject Analysis of the Metamaterials with the Rotational Disorder. Categorical data are presented in absolute and relative frequencies.