This account of the conflict comes from Knytlinga Saga: The History of the Kings of Denmark, an anonymous chronicle that may have been. (The Saga of the Knýtlingar, i. e. descendents of Knútr). probably late s. Iceland. Old Norse. An Icelandic compilation about Danish kings. The author cannot. Knytlinga Saga has 2 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Odense University Press (Denmark), pages, Hardcover.

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The duke went with his army to Demminwhile King Valdimar raised a levy yet once more from every part of Denmark and pillaged through Wolgast and Fuznon so that the whole population fled.

They met at a place called Sherston in one of the most famous battles of the time, with heavy loss of life on either side: This account of the conflict comes from Knytlinga Saga: Strele presumably refers to somewhere around Stralsund; Kuaviz? Then they broke ranks and ran, though some of them caught a glimpse of the king riding away from the Danes.

You went forward, you defeated the fighter, elm-bows twanged, sharp were your swords when you assaulted the fortress: Knytlingga he heard that kIng Eirik had gone abroad, he gathered a large army from his empire and led it into Wendland where he plundered the province long ruled by the Kings of Denmark.

King Magnus learned of this and in the following spring sailed for Denmark with a great army. The bishop travelled in a party of sixty men, taking Fridleif Mjuklatsson along with him as a guide.

All the men were rescued but the cargo was lost. The king laid course to Byr, and sent his son Kristoforus to burn down a part of Wendland called Valongbut told him not to ride off until the whole army was aspire.

They agreed to do so, and built a large stronghold by the River Mildin which they called Mildinborg. Next morning they went over to Tikarey with the idea of destroying Voztroza but the wind was in the wrong direction so they were unable to burn it down.

Then on some open ground before him he saw a full-grown youngster herding a flock of sheep. He was a strong man and knytinga altogether early: After that, King Valdimar went home to his own country and stayed there the following winter. About that time, the Danes established their house-carles in England, paid soldiers and the bravest of warriors, who did most of the fighting against the Englishmen.

At that time the whole population of Wendland was heathen. Rostock, in knytlinha land of the Obodrites, though was just a port of landing as it was too far West for any Pomeranian claims]. He had eighteen ships and knyylinga for Wendland where knytpinga began looting as soon as he reached land.


The Wends soon began to suffer heavy casualties, six thousand of them being killed by the Danes while the others either knytinga or, in many cases, were taken prisoner and brought down to the ships. The Danish chieftains in England who held the territories there conquered by King Svein sent word to Denmark, asking King Knut to sail west to England with the Danish army, and so strengthen their position.

Knýtlinga saga

Many great men from England, Denmark, Sweden and east from Russia are descended from them, including the royal house of Denmark. He was the most popular of kings. When he left to return home, King Knut presented him with fine gifts and they parted friends.

He conquered the entire province and all the inhabitants granted him their allegiance. He fought a battle that summer at Jomsburg in Wendland and won the victory, burning down the stronghold and many other settlements across the land. Their mother, Queen Emma, was married to King Knut, and eventually hostages were exchanged by the two sides, and a truce agreed so that they could talk matters over and negotiate a lasting settlement.

As a point of interest, Volodar never remarried, stayed in Minsk or Novgorod? Archbishop Absalon went ashore with his men and set ablaze two towns which had been built on the road into Swinemuendethen when he had destroyed them he went back to the king.

Kristoforus and his men were rather too keen to get on with the burning and when the Wends aboard those ships that had previously fled saw the flames, they began rowing at high speed hopping to take the Danes by surprise. Wealthy, warm-hearted, unblemished the warrior, mighty in memory and matters of the mind: When King Valdimar heard about this he told his son Kristoforus and Bishop Absalon to defend the country, but not wishing to make their stand within the kingdom itself, they ordered a levy of one ship from each district of Denmark for an expedition abroad.

Knýtlinga saga – Wikipedia

Knut VI was perpetually angry. Men came from Germany too, wishing to fight against the infidel for the sake of God. West of London the warrior went out to war, the famed sea, farer fought for land; sharp cuts had Ufkel when clashing over the carles steel-blue swords shone: In broad Hemmingborough, bloodshedder of Swedes, you laid waste the English west of Ouse-waters.

On this occasion when Erloing came to Denmark to see King Valdimar, the king gave Knytlingga an earldom and all the domains in Norway to which the thought he had a claim, so they parted in agreement knytlihga friendship, which they preserved with goodwill for the rest of their lives.


Knut’s Invasion of England in , according to the Knytlinga Saga » De Re Militari

Anglo-Saxon England suffered many attacks and invasions from Viking and Scandinavian rulers. The whole English army was routed and a terrible slaughter followed, with the Danes knytlinba the fleeing troops until nightfall, as Ottar the Black tells: When the battle was fiercest and none could really tell which way it would swing, Egil leapt from his ship onto the Wendish vessel, struck at the enemy chieftain dealing him his deathblow, and then vaulted backwards onto his own ship.

They sailed up the Warnow River and fought against a Wendish leader called Mjuklatwhose son Fridleif had been taken prisoner by the Danes on an earlier expedition and stayed on with the king, and sagw a Christian. Then King Valdimar called his counsellors together ago consult them about what should be done, and Bishop Absalon kknytlinga this reply.

Knut, son of King Svein Forkbeard, was ten years old when his father died. The earl set Godwin on the high seat beside him, and treated him as equal with himself or his own son.

They came to Duke Heinrek, and he gave them a good welcome. King Niels was an impeccable dresser. In the autumn King Magnus fought another battle on the day before Michaelmas at the Konge River a little to the north of Hedeby on Lyrskov Heath, where he was fighting against the Wends. Peace will suit you better than war. The king wanted to be out at sea but got himself into a narrow channel. Their reason for having troops offshore was that they thought he was not to be trusted, and had heard he meant to lead the huge army he had mustered against Wendland.

The Wends of Knýtlinga Saga

Also she was the daughter of Volodar of Minsk [? As Earl Ulf could see, kbytlinga was sag fine, well-furnished farmhouse. And he said this: They met in battle and Eirik won the victory, while Ulfkel was put to flight, as Thord Kolbeinsson tells in his Lay of Eirik: Afterwards, the Danes went to the ships and met King Valdimar at Gedesoand told him what they had done. As soon as King Knut reached England he marched inland, looting and killing, and burning down every settlement, as Ottar the Black says:.