Since , we at Knauf have been dealing with this versatile raw material and have been continually discovering innovative and intelligent applications. On this . You are, just like us, fascinated by the raw material Gypsum and you are interested to learn more about it? Then this is the right place! Just click through and. They prove their benefits day to day particularly in the building materials industry, and have been incorporated in Knauf products for decades. Even customers.

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Our special gypsums — moulding gypsums, jiggering gypsum and medium pressure casting gypsum are used in the fine ceramics industry as a modelling and casting material in the manufacture of sanitary porcelain, pottery, stoneware and ceramic tableware.

The surface In contrast to cementitious screed, calcium sulphate self-levelling floor screed does not need to be smoothed. This ensures that you will always achieve a consistent surface quality.

General danger of overheating With electrical underfloor heating, there is generally a danger of overheating when the screed is covered by an insulating material — such as a cabinet not mounted legs — and when the floor thermostat is not located directly underneath it.

Knauf – K-Sentials

Physically different hemihydrates are produced depending on the calcination process used: A flow temperature ansetzgils is too high can also cause cracks. Exceeding this thickness will lead to a significant extension of the drying time. It also differentiates between conventional CA calcium sulphate screed and CAF calcium sulphate flowing screed.

Flowing screed features very good sound insulation properties. Find out more about K-Sentials.


Alpha Gypsum

For the pharmaceuticals industry we produce special gypsums for plaster casts as well as fillers for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. A good example of European cooperation and an important contribution to global conservation of nature and the environment.

Electronic test devices are only suitable for preliminary testing. This will prevent them from floating when the screed is installed. Flowing screed can ansetzgios heated up after just 4 to 7 days after installation so that the screed dries even faster. With flowing screeds for underfloor heating systems, the level of residual moisture should be less than or equal to 0. Download product data sheet. Anwetzgips out more about additional gypsums Material Science Get to know gypsum the building material.

Flowing screed compound on an alpha hemihydrate basis for manufacturing calcium sulphate flowing screed with mobile mix-vehicles. Alpha hemihydrate – our allrounder We manufacture alpha hemihydrate in various qualities with ansrtzgips defined property profiles.

Today, gypsum is used for building construction in large quantities — just as it was in antiquity. More important is its significance, particularly for drywalling construction in interiors. Always close at hand – continually available.

The German Federal Emission Control Law Bundesimmissionsschutzgesetz fromstipulates that fossil fuel based combustion plants require flue gas desulphurization plants FGD. Furthermore, it is used for plaster castings in the articulator. Both the ansetzgiips for desulphurization as well as the development for the application of FGD gypsum in the building materials industry is based on our research and development work and our comprehensive know-how as well as close cooperation with the operators of power plants.

In areas permanently exposed to moisture such as bathrooms or balconies, vapour barriers or professionally applied sealants ensure that there is sufficient protection. Material Science Get to know gypsum the building material. Anrufer, die ansetzgipe mit Telefonnummer in der Knauf Adressdatenbank angelegt sind, z.


Knauf K-Sentials

Technical advice Our experts from Knauf answer your questions. On the other hand, conventional screed is subject to deformation when drying. Flue gas desulphurization plant ansetztips FGD as a raw material for the building materials industry.

Fragen zu Trockenbau- und Boden-Systemen Tel.: Its areas of application: Shrinkage, expansion or curling are possible deformations that can occur and that can be transferred to the floor covering and cause damage. The thinner screed layer also offers benefits for underfloor heating systems, which as a result can noticeably deliver heat more quickly. This material enjoyed a true renaissance in the master craftsmanship employed in baroque stucco work.

Knauf Perlfix-Ansetzgips

Furthermore, heat ansetzgkps at an early stage accelerates the building phase and the calcium sulphate screed is possibly ready within 4 to 7 days. CAB 30 Classification acc. CF5 Download product data sheet. The perimeter joints must also be implemented into the floor covering and also permit movement. The tubes for the underfloor heating system must be filled with water and anchored to the substrate. It is hardly surprising that the demand is increasing steadily for this “miraculous material”.

We offer you knaut grades and qualities of moulding gypsums.