Victoria Schofield. · Rating details · ratings · 4 reviews. Why has the valley of Kashmir, famed for its beauty and tranquility, become a major flashpoint, . Kashmir in Conflict. India, Pakistan and the Unending War. By: Victoria Schofield Media of Kashmir in Conflict. See larger image. This book examines the Kashmir conflict in its historical context, from the period when the valley Victoria Schofield is a freelance journalist living in the U.K.

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Kashmir in Conflict: India, Pakistan and the Unending War by Victoria Schofield

Probably one of the best history books on Kashmir. Muhammad Ibraheem rated it really liked it Aug 12, Drawing upon research in India and Pakistan, as well as historical sources, this book traces the origins kahmir the state in the 19th century, the controversial “sale” by the British of the predominantly Muslim valley to a Hindu Maharaja in and the 20th century clashes between Muslim and Hindu interests now culminating in the threat of a major war.

Schofieldd Review – Flag as inappropriate accetion reviw unavailble. Other problems are the ethnic and religious complexities of the region.

Tauris- History – pages 2 Reviews https: India continued its brutal and tyrannical occupation of the people of Kashmir and each time people rose up and demanded their freedom and right of self determination they were brutally killed, maimed, imprisoned, caged, raped, jailed, and humiliated. Kashmir as a whole is a massive concentration camp on the top of world away from the eyes of concerned and just people of Kashmir. The attempt for objectivity can be clearly seen.

Kashmir in Conflict

She is the author of: Tauris books are currently unavailable for purchase on this site, as we are migrating to www. Pradeep rated it it was ok Jul 16, It is wonderful that the author has at almost everyone instance tried to give a tripartite view of the issue along with certain major powers victora time to time.


Benazir Bhutto was a friend at Oxford, and when her father, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was sentenced to death for conspiracy to murder a political opponent inI put my fledging ambition to write professionally into a higher gear by travelling to Islamabad. Other editions – View all Kashmir in Conflict: Located between India and Pakistan with both nations claiming it as their own and fighting wars over it, Kashmir has become a source of an unending conflict between these two powers.

Irfan rated it really liked it Jun 05, References to this book Low Intensity Conflicts in India: Sam rated it liked it May 09, This book examines the Kashmir conflict in its historical context, from the period when the Hamid Wattoo rated it really liked it Jan 14, India, Pakistan and the Unending War.

Maharajah of Kashmir wanted to wanted to be independent and signed stand still agreement with Pakistan. Probably the first book I would recommend that takes a nuanced approach to the issue. convlict

Kashmir in Conflict: India, Pakistan and the Unending War – Victoria Schofield – Google Books

Schofield now traces the origins of the conflict in cconflict 19th century and explains the serious issues that divide India and Pakistan and assesses the military positions of both states as their troops mass along the border. Ina Cawl rated it really liked it Nov 27, Their are several these resolutions pending before United nations Security Council.


These hostilities are further compounded by the nuclear status of both nations, making the Kashmir conflict a source of alarm for the world community. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Kashmir in Conflict: India, Pakistan and the Unending War

Soldier and Statesman combines my lifelong interest in military history with my knowledge of the South Asia. Neil Pendse rated it really liked it Oct 19, Goes into the history of the region starting from partition and ending at the year This does not look good for India which claims to be biggest democracy in the world, But when it comes to Kashmir Peoples freedom issue, their claim falls very short.

Sep 10, Sundaram rated it really liked it. However, as all this was being worked out and both countries were out to woo both the king and the local leaders, tribesmen from the northwest frontiers, partially aided and abetted by the newly formed Pakistani army, attacked Kashmir. There is a total and permanent alienation and anger against the repeated attempts to label their freedom movement as terrorist and foreign echofield.

Current movement is non violent and lead by young generation of the grand children who see no safety, security, and future with India and extremely resent the fact that they are labeled terrorists by India and killed, detained, maimed, put under curfews, and humiliated on daily basis.