Kajukenbo (Japanese: カジュケンボ Kajukenbo) is a hybrid martial art from Hawaii . The name . Most kajukenbo curricula feature counter-attacks to punches, kicks , grabs, as well as using knives, sticks and guns to counter back. While this base . students and instructors who practice the Kajukenbo arts for a variety of .. yellow belt curriculum well enough to test within months of starting the program. Author Topic: Curriculum Driven School (Read times) In addition is AKKS , Kajukenbo, Lima Lama, Duarte Methode Kenpo Jujitsu.

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Kajukenbo – Wikipedia

Search tags for this page. Mitose was never awarded a black belt period. List of styles History Kakukenbo Hard and soft. In addition the philosophy of remaining “unfixed” also applies to the defense techniques, in that there is no defined response to a given situation, and they attempt to fit the situation as it arises.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. So one mans “truth” is can be another mans B. He will remember me John Leoning is kajkenbo years, depends on the month The only problem was some of the most vehement Villari critics also did their own rank thing, only it was anywhere from three to six thousand miles away.

No more homework at home! Please lets stop with the before I believe you were there stuff and try to steer back on to a meaningful discourse. In fact the school carried his name, as did the school patch. It is generally thought that “unfair” moves, such as strikes to the eyes or groin, kajukenvo perfectly acceptable, curriulum is whatever else the practitioner feels is necessary to get home that day.


I however do have a fascination with the timeline that he put together. John, I have a great reputation, I will send you references if you want to start this He also said “the best teacher is pain”.

Oct 5, Messages: The part about kajukehbo “one eyed man in the land of the blind” is right on. The Tutoring and Transportation program provides families with a venue in which the kids can study, do homework, and read. Since then, Kajukenbo has proved to be an improvement-based, continuously evolving and open form.

I personally know some of John Leonings students who were with him inand onward. Today, Kajukenbo is practiced all over the world in many different branches.

Kajukenbo Belt Ranks

Was a Sifu John Leoning student prior to my entry into Police work. I also believe most back then, if not all, weren’t even tested for the rank. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

curriculum He quite often told me that Kajukenbo was abastard art. Did that Black belt who left ever go anywhere? I believe it says more then any other way I could have put it, I am sick of the big stir and getting bounced. Let’s take a look at the old and start with Funokoshi. William Chow is 32 curriculjm old I can not find the original Panther sets?

Which black belt broke away from him inand took several of the students with him? Apr 15, Messages: The curriculum is modified to achieve fitness and focus through fun. The art slowly began to grow in popularity, and soon Emperado had 12 Kajukenbo schools in Hawaii, making it the second largest string of schools at the time.

Who was the actor who funded John’s first school in Hollywood? Our tutors ensure the student has the currichlum needed to complete their daily homework assignments.


Al and Malia Dacascos won many tournament championships. Maybe Matt could add something to this? Hi John, I will say curruculum, then please, answer the age question. Hi, With all due respect, not wanting to stir but only to clairfy.

The Original Curiculum of Kajukenbo/Karazenpo

Log in or Sign up. I see the new breed likes a footcover especially in the winter Hanshi won’t let you go there, so it must be right.

Was’nt that a little awkward? Lets go to the 40s, James Mitose Retires 30 years old!!

I just talked to him about 2 months ago. Since this style is always being developed it is not a fixed system. Nov 28, 7.

Kajukenbo Ranks

No one ever complained about it back then or now, so perhaps that was an accepted method of how it was done in that time. One common belt order is as follows: It was in that the name Chu’an Fa was introduced. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

This system dedicates the introduction of Danzan Ryu Curroculum, by his father, into the Kajukenbo system.

The classes are fun and strict at the same time, teaching students respect, while they gain confidence, focus, and self-control. Grandmaster Gaylord’s traditional Kajukenbo curriculum continues to be taught by his chief instructors who operate Kajukenbo schools in Hawaii and other parts of the United States.

I am not claiming to be a 8th, 9th or 10th Dan or even a Black belt except on MT.