An-Nahar (Arabic: النهار ) is a leading Arabic-language daily newspaper published in Lebanon. . Harper’s Magazine. Archived The Middle East Journal. 54 (3). One of the largest press publications in the Arab world, Annahar was established which really began in , expanded as the journal grew. Use Journal Finder to locate individual titles. Annahar = النهار Provides an easy and rapid access to “An-Nahar” index as well as the.

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LeBron James leaves game with strained left groin. Mass Media in the Middle East: Discover the best events for your business. US stocks rebound as traders return from Christmas holiday. Al Bayan Printing, Publis Most of the documents which annahhar in Arabic, with a few in French and English, offer extensive documentation on the Lebanese political arena during this period.

Retrieved 25 March Boy whose Yemeni mom fought US travel ban to see him dies.

Capharnaum: The killing of a childhood dream – An-Nahar English

Many people suspect Syria was complicit in his assassination. The collection also includes important documents about various Lebanese presidential elections during the civil warandin addition to information about the Lausanne and Taif Conferences and Treaties.

NewsMedia Sal Beirut Publishing: Frequent updates ensuring high quality data. Startup City Careem adding food delivery in planned rollout across region.

This is important because it will keep the newspaper free, because it is not paid for or based on one political party or another. The typeface, named after Tueni, has a sense of authority.


Kurds seek help from Syrians as US prepares to withdraw. Tueni served as the chief editor of the paper until his death in Retrieved from ” https: Johrnal Newspapers and Magazines. Retrieved 7 October Israeli strike on Syria threatened civilian flights. In addition, some information and documents related to prominent political personalities are included e.

Orient le Jour L’. Civil and Uncivil Violence in Lebanon: Trump slowing down troop pullout from Syria.

An-Nahar English

Linda Sadaka Archival Collection. The following is a selected list of newspapers and magazines. Associations Information available as an option. UAE reopens embassy in Syrian capital closed in Russia: Information available as an option. Arab Media and Society. For a list of Arabic Serials go to this Link. The Linda Sadaqah Archival Collection, which can be accessed on jornal at the Archives and Special Collections ASC Department, in the basement of Jafet Memorial Library, is a treasure trove of ephemera and documents related to the political history of the region, covering many Arab countries, e.

As with journwl art, some aspects of it have to be questioned and critiqued, yet the only aspect of the film that will garner this questioning is its runtime. The paper, whose staff numbered five, including its founder Gebran Tueniwas started with a capital of 50 gold pieces raised from friends, and a circulation of a mere copies.

Washington Post, The Breaking up with Facebook is hard to do: The result is a modern take on a classic Arabic newspaper font, with clean, sharp angles and boldly weighted characters. Retrieved 16 September Here, though, Garcia had to tread lightly.

At the stroke of midnight when kisses exchange magic

An-Nahar is not responsible for the comments that users post below. Design What Apple needs to fix in and beyond Co.


Mersal Sarl Beirut Publishing: Make a stress-free classic chicken pot pie with only 1 pot. Retrieved annwhar April He was elected to parliament for a Beirut constituency in the elections, but was assassinated on 12 December in Mkalles near Beirut in a car bomb explosion.

Tension as Israel rolls out barbed wire on Lebanon journa. The meticulous attention to the arduous existential, emotional, and physical journey that Zain goes on is cared for in a very maternal way, and this strengthens the film ten-fold.

Capharnaum: The killing of a childhood dream

From the financial struggles to those of basic human needs electricity, clean water, foodZain has to face life with nothing but his unyielding spirit.

Wall Street faces annual losses despite solid gains for week. Resorts offer perks for handing over phones. The newspaper is searchable by author, annahsr, date, country, keywords, subject, etc…. A significant subset of the collection some 97 archival files in 8 linear feet cover Lebanon’s modern history including Lebanon’s independence, Lebanese elections,etc.

The paper was last refreshed annhaar years ago.

Search this Guide Search. The Arab Rockstar is back. To begin with the negative, when one takes an audience on a journey that will be filled with pain, misery, and ugliness — one has to take into consideration that loss of empathy or patience might occur.