Zig Zag. Jose Carlos Somoza, Author, Lisa Dillman, Translator, trans. from the Spanish by Lisa Dillman. Rayo $ (p) ISBN. Jose Carlos Somoza’s *Zig Zag*, reviewed and recommended fiction. Zig Zag By Jose Carlos Somoza – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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The complete review ‘s Review:. Zig Zag – Canada. Das Einstein-Projekt – Deutschland.

Book review #2 : Zig Zag by José Carlos Somoza (2006)

Vintage Paperback Paperback Children. Books of the Week. Very briefly, the concept of watching the Crucifixion surfaces among the assembled island-goers, but something strange happens when they attempt to view Jerusalem, and from there, everything goes haywire.

He had to see some of those images. Somoza offers a few decent twists as he tries to sustain the suspense, but the overall concept is so feeble that it feels like a poor payoff. Too long, too awkward, too silly: It’s a pleasure to read a Jose Carlos Somoza novel.

Vintage Paperback Paperback Books. Readers, I only wish I were making this up. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The former is a technique whereby we are privy to all of the information contained within a character’s minds, and everything they experience, except for the very thing which allows us to remain in suspense. Zig Zag is Jose Carlos Somoza’s twelfth novel. July 19, August 2, Zig Zag – UK.

Why not show us the action? The idea of traveling back through time is total science fiction.


And by being so vague about what the threat actually is Somoza teases the reader to the very end. Uzumaki 3-in-1, Deluxe Edition Includes vols.

Elisa joins Blanes and a small team of scientists on New Nelson, a mysterious island where they realize all of Blanes’s theories. The author even risks using a more horrific writing style in the second part of the book which creates an even more pressing atmosphere, and also, from a more technical point of view, enable to diversify the writing.

One wonders why he does not continue along in this vein, but instead he invariably opts for a stunning plot twist, or a depraved murder – which, unfairly, Somoza never details except to point out how even thinking about the murder sends people mad.

Why not reveal your hand? Vintage Paperback Paperback Cookbooks. Notify me of new comments via email. While not quite up to Michael Crichton standard, this page-turner is sure to please thrillers fans. Going back to the past?

The ordinary font for the novel is quite good, very readable and clear. Show More Show Less. But the team’s zigza resulted in something much more frightening and dangerous than any of them could ever have imagined.

Zig Zag is a surprising novel. Blanes theorizes that by using quantum physics and string theory he can build a machine that will enable researchers to see the past. Elisa is, as noted, a brilliant physicist.

Considered as a sci-fi book, this book is carlso terrifying thriller with a surprising efficacy.

Zig Zag by Jose Carlos Somoza – FictionDB

Considering his prolific output, it is perhaps understandable he was unable to give what is soomoza an interesting subject matter its farlos respect. The insomnia experienced by the scientists on the island is contagious… Finally, Zig Zag is carlps just about physics or maths.


See all 4 brand new listings. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A Game of Thrones Set: We could open time strands and see the past. Yes, but not without consequences… In conclusion, a brilliant thriller that I was not able to stop reading until it was finished. People die, the lab explodes and in the end everyone is taken away and ordered never to speak to each other again.

Nose Zag is here, and watches. In the novel, the roots of this experimentation go back more than a decade, to Italy. The Best Books of So, for example, a telephone rings: Consider the range of possibilities that could be explored with a zigzat that sees back in time but also carries with it difficult moral weight.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The narrative itself moves back and forth in time, mainly betweenwhen the central figure, Elisa Robledo gets roped into this scientific inquiry, and the ‘present’ ofwhen the past has come back or rather: The scientific experiments are an open door to a downward spiral: