He is the author of the Carb-Nite Solution, and is releasing a new book that is designed for rapid fat loss and muscle gain. John is coming on Bulletproof. The Carb Nite Solution has ratings and 13 reviews. on concrete, verifiable research, John Kiefer has spent over a decade trying to discover a way to shed. Using Carb Nite she could easily schedule her nights of carbs around family events and enjoy the The Carb Nite Solution by John Kiefer.

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Thanks for any help!! What more could I ask for?

If you are more interested in bodybuilding and gaining muscle without the need to lose weight, the carb backloading diet would be more for you. Caroline is having that problem kiefr now. Pretty good, starting today, let’s see if it works! Apr 09, Jess Dollar rated it liked it. Within two months her body transformed. Most bodybuilders at the time were doing the typical low-fat diet, but from my exhaustive study, I found that high levels of dietary fat are essential for preserving as much muscle as possible while losing the greatest amount of body fat.

Nevertheless, there is a vibrant online community both on the author’s website and on various Facebook groups that will guide you through any difficulties you may have finding what works best for your body. I’m concerned about my upcoming first carb nite. After emerging from the zombie-like state, I curled into the fetal position, moaning with a stomach ache that lasted the rest cafb the evening. To insure success, Kiefer not only provides arguments, answers and explanations, but he searched through food databases to assemble Trained as a physicist to rely only on concrete, verifiable research, John Kiefer has spent over nnite decade trying to discover a way to shed those unwanted pounds.


I appreciated how it shoots down many common diet ideals. The hormones that control stress and hunger shoot through the roof. The variety of treats we can have without guilt has also made for some delicious food discoveries. But then it happened… I discovered the secret power in donuts…. Open Preview See a Problem? Return to Book Page. As for the avocado though, it’s not an ideal fat source while on CNS.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. What if my period is causing this?

You’ll be shocked to learn how much of what we were taught about nutrition by the health associations, and government that is flat out wrong.

Guinnevere rated it liked it Jan 03, Physicist turned nutrition and performance scientist. I eat low carb and at times the strong carb cravings have ended as you described in your cookie confession – I thought something was wrong jhon me or I was in the early stages of an eating disorder.

The reason most people fail at diets is their restrictive nature. This is a big problem I always run into when I work with someone on contest prep for the first time. Why is this happening? Not only was Nute able to experience some amazing cuisine, I re-gained a social life that I previously shied joh from when food was involved.

The Carb Nite Solution by John Kiefer

ANY computer can use it! If you don’t have a health care provider that you feel is qualified to help guide you through this process I can recommend one that is a part of the Body IO team and has worked with many people in your situation achieve great results through incorporating Carb Nites.


Dan Morrison rated it liked it Feb 20, During the week—and all the time, actually—they were fine as long as they just smoked and went to bed. In my professional career as a Physicist I developed a very particular set of skills. After spending a decade experimenting and digging through research at medical libraries I finally refined my diet—not a perfect diet based on hunches, but anyone’s perfect diet based on real science.

You can continue to accumulate MORE fat… and look in the mirror tomorrow and see more of the same… but fatter. Every once in a while is just fine, but I personally wouldn’t use it as a primary source of fat: Then save dessert for as close to bedtime as possible, so you can enjoy your much deserved treat and then hit the johhn I’ve recently read The Carb Nite Solution and am hooked!

The Carb Nite Solution

It’s tough nkte sugars and carbs are hidden everywhere, even in sauces like soy sauce and marinades. This is a very simple read and it explains the basics of the diet well. Is that what I should expect? As I walked by the bathroom mirror I got a glimpse of the damage.

Keep focusing on those inches!