The latest Tweets from Joanne Justis (@NumbersRU). Intuitive Chaldean Master Numerologist & Author, Personal Development, Relationships, Partner. Joanne’s cutting-edge software program was developed five decades ago after rediscovering the ancient science of numbers. Her computer program was. Joanne is a worldwide authority on the Chaldean Metric System (an ancient system of Ms. Justis has amassed well over ten thousand life-changing personal.

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If you’re looking for a foolproof, and ultimately, successful system of improving your life by knowing yourself to establish self-understanding, increase your self-esteem, and take enlightened control of your life, then look no further. We thank you in advance for respecting the energy exchange.

I meditated on the “creative” thing we discussed and found that I would love to work more with photography. No wonder you love what you are doing! This top-of-the-line software program enables NumbersRU. You should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline. This page report covers every facet of you or your multi-dimensional karmic alignment in this lifetime.

Books – Numbers Books – Baby. Understand your karmic journey and personal characteristics? The report will include full explanations of your: Justis is an authority on Chaldean Numerology and one of two Chaldean masters in the world. This top-of-the-line software program enables NumbersRU. However, in order to honor our speakers and their hard work we can only offer refund on one package for every customer per 90 days.

With degrees in Miracle Mastery Programs, Ms. And together, they have provided charts and readings since Thank you so much! I feel I can write “Love Lil” with real integrity now!

Joanne Justis (Author of What Every Parent-to-be Should Know About Baby Naming)

Her computer software program, Numerology for the New Erawas inspired by and based on an original software program copyrighted by her mother in Everything you ever wanted to know and then some on the subject of Numerology written to become the best seller of all times by Joanne Justis and William Mykian. You gave face to my underlying passion and helped me realize it as what I have been given to do in this life time!


You have given me so much inspiration, and l honestly feel your caring, and that’s what the tears are for. Joanne, ” It was a pleasure speaking with you. Relationships would be so much easier to be in if each person in the relationship committed to understanding their blueprint and then each others. It all starts with “YOU! Thank you for sharing it so enthusiastically with me!

These are the results of our experiences, case studies, and investigations, which have led us to develop new and innovative enhancements for calculating the formulas–a straightforward approach to generate the most accurate Numerology charts of all times–and an in-depth presentation on taking Numerology to levels never before attained by anyone else.

Numerology for the New Era. This is how your complete 41 page report will look like! Joanne Justis was trained in the ancient ways by learned teachers who came before her. Chaldean Charts and Readings Since With degrees in Miracle Mastery Programs and an extensive background in Marketing, Communications and Operations, Joanne is a logistics expert by trade and an intuitive by birth.

Well over 75 years of combined work from three Master Chaldean Numerologists are invested in the writing of this book with the intent of jjstis with the world, heretofore, unrevealed knowledge about what we have discovered. I could not have imagined what the outcome of the reading would be. Big Savings on Gas While you Travel!

Born into a metaphysical family, Ms. Joznne intention is to be of service. Justis has been a spiritual intuitive all of her life. It will include a complete introduction that explains pertinent information so you will better understand your report, then you will learn how name changes will affect you. Understand your multi-dimensional karmic alignment of self? Joanne Justis is a gifted jusis intuitive who proved that a coded mathematical allgorithm containing the imprint of your entire life does exist.


That feels right to me and hope it “completes” me even more.

Joanne Justis

What a blessing to have found you! Create new account Request new password. I feel so joyful and so grateful that l shared this special time with you! All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for koanne information purposes only.

Free Self Improvement Newsletters. This information is invaluable and jstis an investment in yourself. She is a worldwide authority on Chadean Mathematics, author, and popular speaker. Joanne is offering you two fabulous packages that will give you guidance in your personal lives by understanding your God Code or character analysis. Developed and well-tested, it will bring laser-like insight, clarity, and understanding of your personal experiences, from childhood through adulthood.

Joanne Justis| Special Offer

Born into a metaphysical family, Ms. What You Should Know About Chaldean Numerology It is a proven ancient science joajne numbers based on sound vibrations and energy It is a derivative of the Hebrew alphabet It can be traced back to August BCE Before Common Era It is a universal science of numbers developed for all cultures It has nothing to do with religion; it is a brilliant mathematical formula It is a fact that everything in the Universe is named and numbered It is a decoder to decipher and extract information It is the best kept secret of all times.

Dear Joanne ” With tears in my eyes l feel so blessed to have had this session with you. Be guided on which positive life decisions to justus and goals to create? Multiple refunds by same customer within 90 days will not be accepted.

Get laser-like insight into your Destiny and Purpose? We are now laying down a new future, creating a new paradigm of values which in turn affect your attitudes and thus, your behavior patterns.