I’ve read many novels over the years, including more than a few that have been banned and burned by outraged citizens, but The Atrocity Exhibition was the. The Atrocity Exhibition [J. G. Ballard, William Gaminara] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A prophetic and experimental masterpiece by. WITH AUTHOR’S ANNOTATIONS. The. Atrocity. Exhibition For nearly 35 years J.G. Ballard has been sys- As Ballard observes, “I think we’re all perhaps.

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Anatomy of Wonder I’ve read many novels over the years, including more than a few that have been banned and burned by outraged citizens, but The Atrocity Exhibition was the only one that made me want to wash my hands after finishing it. In the suburbs of Hell Travis walked in the flaring lights of the petrochemical plants. The other I acquired in a trade. Many other characters explore predilections on the boundaries. Or more than one: The Geometry of Her Face. In his commercials Reagan used the smooth, teleprompter-perfect tones of the TV auto-salesman to project a political message that was absolutely the reverse of bland and reassuring.

Knowing our shared taste in literature, I would venture to guess that she doesn’t think much of Ballard, but I meant in a psychiatric sense. Wish me luck–we immigrants have got to stick together.

Save for a handful of early review and file copies the entire edition was suppressed and destroyed. You are commenting using your WordPress. The irrational, all-pervading violence of the modern world is the subject of this extraordinary tour de force. How should failure be dealt with?

Jul 24, Fabio Puzzacacca rated it liked it. Such scenes and such prose are patently vulnerable to parody, but this silent helicopter and unconsummated conversation, like a film without the soundtrack, this matter-of-fact acceptance of a strange abstracted murder, are representative of the proliferation of bizarre scenes and events in The Atrocity Exhibition.

When they are collected together and published as a novel it looks like an opportunity lost. Reading “The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Considered as a Downhill Motor Race” one wonders who would find this amusing or interesting or exciting or even well-written. Which includes sexual desire when confronting sxhibition, shock, and machinery.


Doesn’t stop it being totally, utterly insane though. What Talbert is searching for is the primary act of intercourse, the first apposition of the dimensions of time and space.

The Atrocity Exhibition – Wikipedia

But the person who, no matter how much scrubbing and rubbing, won’t be able to wash off responsibility for this book is Mr. His mouth worked silently, eyes fixed on Tallis. I see the point of the style and I see where he’s going with it but I always get the impression that I should be more shocked by it than I am. The central character’s dreams are haunted by images of John F. Personally, I think it’s more complicated: God how you disgust me with your shallowness. View all 7 comments.

Ballard gets extra points for including Ralph Nader among the celebrities that get maimed or killed by the automobile. He worked silently at the chalk outlines, now and then rearranging her limbs.

Here’s Lloyd Currey’s technical description of the book: Called his “prophetic masterpiece” by many, The Atrocity Exhibition practically lies outside of any literary tradition.

I would give it 5, but firstly I think he better illustrates the precise nature of what he wants to say in Crash, and also I made the error of buying this ridiculous Flamingo edition; apparently there are those at Harper who consider DVDs to be a kind of vicious rival to paperback fiction.

Rather too experimental for my tastes – it has taken me forever to read it, and it’s only pages long. But are the bland pointless fictions that proliferate even worse? Fifty Shades of Newtonian Physics.

The Atrocity Exhibition (1970)

The clear goal is to embrace the transgressive, and in as disturbing a way as possible. Okay I get it now: Read Ballard for any length of time and you know he returns to the same obsessive images and landscapes again and again, often to powerful effect.


He travels with a Marilyn Monroe scorched by radiation burns, and with a bomber-pilot of whom he notes that “the planes of his face did not seem to intersect correctly.

In fact it’s the only novel I know that comes close to the perspicacity regarding the political state of the world of Orwell’s Its fascinating in its way, presenting a series of fragmentary scenarios that go out of their way to read like essays on sex from people who learned how to write about sex by reading a book about how to write a book on sex. He stopped and then began again with an effort, lips and jaw moving in exaggerated spasms as if he were trying to extricate some gumlike residue from his teeth.

Characters whom jh kills return again in later chapters his wife seems to die several times.

The Atrocity Exhibition by J G Ballard – A Useful Fiction

Her ultrarealistic images of eroticism and destruction add an important dimension to Ballard’s text. Ballard’s mind was at times as sharp as a razor, and unfortunately I think readers of ‘The Atrocity Exhibition’ will agree that he occasionally used his weapon imprecisely. Throughout most of the stories is a psychiatrist Dr. Hutchinson,he said:. Easily one of the 20th century’s most visionary writers, J.

The Atrocity Exhibition is so bizarre to me, so lacking in coherent narrative, that it’s doubly hard to read.

Jan 27, Adam rated it it was ok. The current editions are all large size paperbacks and are liberally sprinkled with annotations from the author himself, as well as a variety of photographs and illustrations, most of which can be imagined as if “Grey’s Anatomy” the TV show treated sex like they were “Gray’s Anatomy” the medical textbook.

Obsessive, halucinatory, and giddily perverse, this book is about the things we should hate about ourselves — but for some reason don’t.