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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is planned to carry out a replication of the current study, using the same sets of slides, in Israel. Check your answer on your answer sheet under the appropriate column. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Experimental data and theoretical pevy on the inheritance of handedness and cerebral dominance are reviewed.

Irrespective of the causes of the scan pattern, it is not obvious that left to right scanning implies either that the more important content of a picture should be located on the right for maximal aesthetic effect, or, as Gaffron contends, along the “glance-curve”.

Psychobiological implications of bilateral asymmetry

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Kulkarni – – Journal of Business Ethics 28 4: What is not clear is just what this aspect is, or even whether it is suffici- ently simple that it can be defined. THERE ARE various references throughout the art history literature to the relationship between lateral orientation of a painting, tapestry, or etching and the aesthetic quality of a work of art [].

She has jeree the relationship between the cerebral hemispheres and visual -oriented versus language -oriented tasks in split-brain surgery patients.

Lateral organization, perceived depth and title preference in pictures. Post – – Manuscrito 22 2: Sadistic Cruelty and Unempathic Evil: The preferred version was labeled ” P ” and was assigned a weighted score which was the Z-equivalent of the obtained X2, while the non-preferred version, ” N o n – P ‘was assigned a negative Z- equivalent.


Retrieved from ” https: This was demonstrated by reversing the face and comparing the original and reversed faces to the same face composed of two left halves or two right halves.

He says, ” I f.

Jerre Levy

Subjects marked their answer sheets during the 15 see exposure. Since neither the opinions o f o f art historians n o r psychologists are o f m u c h value, in the absence o f empirical support, f o r predicting which o f two m i r r o r – s y m m e t r i c pictures will be preferred b y the m a jrre o r i t y dextrals?

It is particularly salient to point out that when two different pictures, whether of faces, nonsense shapes, common objects, or patterns of X’s and squares, are simultaneously tachistoscopically projected to llevy left and right hemispheres of commissurotomy patients, and patients are directed to select, by pointing, a matching picture from a set displayed in free vision, they overwhelmingly select a single matching picture, and the picture selected is that which was seen by the right cerebral hemisphere [8].

No categories specified categorize this paper. Since, by definition, P and Non-P slides showed opposite preferences, while S slides had almost no preference variability around a mean R score of jerrre for Group SD, the differing variance of preference for the entire dextral group for the two sets of slides are predictable.

All subjects were tested in a single group session. Lateral dominance and aesthetic preference. Correlational analyses among A, R, and L were carried out in order to deter- mine the proportions of variance in average slide preference scores which could be accounted for by A and by slide preferences of the other handedness group.

Right and left in Raphael’s Cartoons. Direction of gaze and distribution of cerebral thought process. In one, average P, Non-P, and S asymmetry scores were determined for each subject, averaging over slides in each category, and in the other, average asymmetry scores were determined for each slide, averaging over subjects. Classic Art 2nd Ed.

Jerre Levy, Psychobiological implications of bilateral asymmetry – PhilPapers

This entry has no external links. Aspects of genetics in psychology. In a second study, it was found that slides strongly preferred by dextrals were those with the more important content, or the jeerre heaviness on the right, and that slide asymmetry was highly correlated with dextral, but not sinistral preferences. Theories of Time and the Asymmetry in Human Attitudes. Left-handers did not display any matching asymmetry, while right-handed Israelis showed the same asymmetry as right-handed North Americans.


Procedure Slide pairs were simultaneously projected, one kerre the other, on to a standard projection screen located in a classroom.

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However, it is quite conceivable that if an asymmetrical inherent biasing of attention into the left half of space during visual perception exists, those pictures which tend to correct for this imbalance by having the center of focus, or most important content, on the right, would be perceived as the more aesthetically pleasing.

Hand orientation in writing and correlated variations in jerrre and cognitive organization.

It is realized, of course, that some of the jsrre slide pairs so selected yielded significant X2’s simply ldvy to chance, while the failure to select other of the pairs jdrre a Type II error.

Nelson and MacDonald found that when subjects were asked to select titles for a series of pictures, a significant majority selected titles corresponding to the pictorial content in the left half of the picture. IV, North-Holland, Amsterdam, It is obvious that the stimulus determinants of preference reside in some aspect of left- right asymmetry.

Sally Walters – – Behavioral and Brain Sciences 23 4: Cerebral commissurotomy in man: In one of each of the pairs of sessions Projector 1 was the top projector and in the other, Projector 2 was the top projector.

If the ideas which have been put forward have any validity, it should be possible to predict pre- ferences of dextral and sinistral populations based on controlled asymmetries in the stimuli.