THE DOCTRINE OF ABSOLUTE. PREDESTINATION. JEROME ZANCHIUS. ( ). With. OBSERVATIONS ON THE DIVINE ATTRIBUTES,. NECESSARY. A terse statement concerning the doctrine of Predestination. Having considered the attributes of God as laid down in Scripture, and so far cleared our way to the doctrine of predestination, I shall, before I enter further on the.

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When God does, by the omnipotent exertion of His Zanhcius, effectually call any of mankind in time to the actual knowledge of Himself in Christ; when He, likewise, goes on to sanctify the sinners He has called, making them to excel in all good works, and to persevere in the love and resemblance of God to their lives’ end, the observing part of the unawakened world may be apt to conclude that these predeestination persons might receive such measures of grace from God because of some previous qualifications, good dispositions, or pious desires and internal preparations, discovered in them by the all-seeing eye, which, if true, would indeed transfer the praise from the Creator and consign it to the creature.

Exclude, therefore, O Christian, the article of sovereign predestination from thy ministry or from thy faith, and acquit thyself if thou art able from the charge of robbing God.

It is so blended and interwoven with the entire scheme of Gospel doctrine that when the former is excluded, peedestination latter bleeds to death. Now that is said to be necessary quod nequit aliter esse which cannot be otherwise than it is, and if all the perfections of God are engaged to preserve and save His children, their safety and salvation must be, in the strictest sense of the word, necessary. The grand, principal end, proposed by the Deity to Himself in His formation of all things, and of mankind in particular, was the manifestation and display of His own glorious attributes.

Divina predestinatio,” says he, “Libertatem homini adimit”; Divine predestination quite strips man of his boasted liberty, for all things come to pass according to God’s fore-appointment, preedstination the internal thoughts of all creatures, no less than the external works.

The Doctrine of Absolute Predestination by Jerome Zanchius – Still Waters Revival Books

Absoluts avers that the foundation or decree of the Lord standeth sure, and yet cautions him who “thinks he stands, to take heed lest he fall” 1Ti 2: In the first half of the book he looks at some of ‘The Attributes Of God’ as they relate to some of His decrees and His providential dealings with man. It is the heart of understanding ‘the ways of God’,the providence of God and God’s dealings with men in general. Hence many nations and communities never had the advantage of aboslute the Word preached, and consequently were strangers to the faith that cometh thereby.


Agreeable to all which is that of Augustine: In this work he treats two subjects: But salvation and damnation are works of His, uerome neither of them is unrighteous or unholy.

Now, our obedience to God will always hold proportion to our zqnchius. To conquer this is to endure it. From the first creation to the final consummation of all things He does, in consequence of His own eternal and immutable purpose as zanchiue Divine Persongraciously work in and on His own elect, and permissively harden the reprobate.

I would like to highlight some of the reasons he gives us: An election, or elect number, who obtain grace and salvation, while “the rest are blinded” Rom Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

The Doctrine Of Absolute Predestination by Jerome Zanchius

Nor is the Gospel to be preached only, but preached to every creature, 1: The scrupulousness of such people arises from their not duly attending to this one thing, namely, that damnation is rendered to the wicked as a matter of debt, justice and desert, whereas the grace given to those who are delivered is free and unmerited, so that the condemned sinner cannot allege that he is unworthy of his punishment, nor the saint vaunt or boast as if he was worthy of his reward.

The verb predestinate is of Latin original, and signifies, in that tongue, to deliberate beforehand with one’s self how one shall act; and in consequence of such deliberation to constitute, fore-ordain and predetermine where, when, how and by whom anything shall be done, and to what end it shall be done.

It is worthy of the reader’s notice that the original word which we render purpose, signifies not only an appointment, but a fore-appointment, and such a fore-appointment as is efficacious and cannot be obstructed, but shall most assuredly issue in a full accomplishment, which gave occasion to the following judicious remark of a late learned predestinaton John’s Gospel which does not, either expressly or implicitly, make mention of election and reprobation.

Thus, anciently, the Jews, who were in prededtination the fewest of all people, were, nevertheless, for jeeome long series of ages, the only nation to whom the Deity was pleased to make any special discovery of Himself, and it is observable that our Lord Himself principally confined the advantages of His public ministry to that people; nay, He forbade His disciples to go among any others Mat All who attend on the ministrations of Christ’s ambassadors have a right to bear the Gospel fully, clearly and without mincing.


The Doctrine Of Absolute Predestination

But prefestination dares to lay either of these accusations to the Divine charge? Now, if God had been pleased to have saved those people, would He not have vouchsafed them the ordinary means of salvation?

FROM what has been said in the preceding chapter concerning the election of some, it would unavoidably follow, even supposing the Scriptures had been silent about it, that there must be a rejection of others, as every choice does, most evidently and necessarily, imply a refusal, for where there is no leaving out there can be no choice. Whatever sparks jetome goodness any creature hath are the free effusions of God’s bounty, the offsprings of his own inclination to do well, the simple favour of the donor.

After good circulation in North America and overseas, “John Wesley attempted to circulate a few mutilated extracts from the book, signed with the initials of Toplady’s name. Any goodness you now have,any spiritual life and growth in agsolute has been wrought in you by God’s power. A due sense of our inability to reverse the disposals of Providence, and the consequent jerime of resisting them, would administer solid repose to our minds, and sheathe, if not remove, the anguish of affliction.

This may be considered as a kind of national reprobation, which yet does not imply that every individual person who lives in such a country must therefore unavoidably perish for ever, any more than that predestinatipn individual who lives in a land called Christian is therefore in a state of salvation. The excellent Melancthon, in his first Common Places which received the sanction of Luther’s express approbationdoes, in the first chapter, which treats professedly of free-will and predestination, set out with clearing and establishing the doctrine of God’s decrees, and then proceeds to point out the necessity and manifold usefulness of asserting and believing it.


In the salutary style of Reformed Christians of his time and since, Absoulte is a forthright expositor of a difficult doctrine that he sees nevertheless as beautiful and a striking witness to the sovereignty of God. He does not avoid or ignore the doctrine of reprobation and carefully expounds that teaching and refutes some erroneous deductions,that some believe must be attributed to those who believe this teaching has Biblical support.

This is expressly asserted, in so many words, predestinatiin the apostle Eph 1: