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Do not discuss specific aspects of the research in great detail, including experimental procedures and statistical methods.

All questions MUST be answered. Please recognize the importance of this summary of your project and take the time to review it for completeness and readability.

Science News for Students.

Abstract Instructions | Student Science

Check if your project involves any of the following areas that require additional forms or check None of the Socument Print and write your name in the upper right hand corner Dates: Explain thoroughly the differences between each years’ research; must be significantly different than previous studies, such as a new variable introduced. Pathogens may NOT be cultured at home Attach a research plan. Adult Sponsor Who Requires? Human Participants and Informed Consent Form. As part of your paperwork submission process, you will use our online system to write your abstract.

Student MUST display a copy of this document at their project on the day of the fair. It will contain a summary of all changes made to the original research plan; if no changes were made include a statement to that effect Dates: Thin mucus traveled a maximum of cm. Science News for Students. Using thick and thin mucus and a model sneeze, we tested the dicument that thin mucus will travel farther than thick mucus. Purpose An introductory statement providing background, namely the reason, for investigating the project topic.


Please view the following example abstract, which is displayed two ways: Do not provide details about materials used in the research unless they greatly influenced the procedure or were needed to conduct the investigation. Procedure A brief overview of how the investigation was conducted, highlighting key points, and including methods and resources used.

Information regarding the care of the animal is completed by the Qualified Scientist. Attach extra pages if the continuation involves more than 3 years of research. Unless significant, do not include any of the experimental design difficulties encountered in research. The forms should docment filled out and signed before any research takes place.

Thin mucus traveled a maximum of cm, suggesting a potential spread of virus-containing particles of up to 4 meters in our tests. If the SRC is requesting a revision to the abstract, they will notify the Society staff.

Any information that is unnecessary to include in a brief explanation should be saved for the written research paper or the project exhibit board.

Viruses, such as those that cause colds and influenza, spread via droplets of mucus that are produced when an infected person sneezes or coughs.

This system allows you to cut and paste or type the text of your abstract online and creates an Adobe Acrobat Reader file. The student researcher must complete ALL of the questions; it is unacceptable to say there are no risks or no benefits.


This form also serves as a checklist for any additional forms that may be needed.

Abstract Instructions

Skip to main content. An abstract allows judges to quickly determine the nature and scope of a sbstrct. It should seek to highlight the research question sexperimental procedures, data, and conclusions in a way that is concise and easy to understand. Sample Informed Consent Statement.

Student takes this form home along with research plan for Parents’ review. The abstract should be words or less.

See Subject – Specific Guidelines in bottom 4 items for further guidance d Bibliography – List major referencesno minimum required. Only Forms 1C, 5B, 7, and the abstract are done after the research.

Student enters their name and title Section 1: It will be reviewed by Special Award Organization and Grand Award Judges to determine whether the project stands out within its category or qualifies for special awards. Compared to thick mucus mean distance xbstrct If mention of supporting research from previous year s is necessary, it must be minimal. For abstrxt information on specifics of writing an abstract, see the How to Write an Abstract resource.