An Independent Book Review In the Combat Zone. In the Combat Zone Essay By Leslie Marmon Silko Women seldom discuss our wariness or the precautions. This is what the author Leslie Marmon Silko believes, which is illustrated in her essay, “In the Combat Zone.” Silko writes this essay to acknowledge to women. Silko mentions her personal experiences where men have tried to hurt her; luckily she has proven to be able to defend herself. How has she.

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Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Finding libraries that hold this item For my parents to have provided such lessons would have been to concede their approval of my [End Page ] plan to spend the summer working in Leslid and the two years after that studying in England and exploring Europe.

Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. I chose this paper to be on my portfolio because I worked really hard on it. With Silko’s choice in integrating these rapists, especially the afternoon rapist, it sets her up well for her personal experience story of being followed in the afternoon by a potential rapist.

This historical information fits in well with comat argument for guns and empowerment of women.

Advanced Search Find a Library. The class would teach physical self-defense, which would only be used when all other diplomatic strategies fail.

Another issue raised by Silko’s essay is that of empowering women. The best way is to become part of a self-defense class in which the majority of the thee involves diplomatic strategies.

One of my female students, fair and lithe as a stalk of goldenrod, informed me that she had nothing to fear from anyone; she had been a track star in high school, and if any man tried anything she didn’t like, she could always outrun him. Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. The personal experience story with the two drunken hunters supports one of her main points of women protecting themselves because they cannot always depend on the police and courts.


The two drunken hunters came after her with fiberglass crossbows when she was out riding her horse. Also, the only people that should be allowed guns are police. On one side of the spectrum, people believe that being able to own a gun should be allowed because it makes them feel safer, and it has shown to deter criminal conduct.

People, especially women, need to empower themselves to not get taken advantage of by strangers.

In the combat zone

What I needed were lessons on how to navigate—wisely, bravely—that first, terrifying year I was out of college. The essay ‘ s strengths include a good integration of history and credible personal experience stories.

Not only does Silko use a good integration of historical information, but she also uses credible personal experience stories. Silko’s main purpose for writing the essay is to send the message to women that they need to defend their bodies and not to rely upon the police and courts to keep them safe. She states that this unequal treatment results in women having less opportunity and hinders their ability to succeed, which is the exact same statement that Virginia Woolf makes in her writing.

Didn’t Anyone Tell You Eileen Pollack bio Last summer, with a serial rapist roaming Ann Arbor, I asked my undergraduates to read an essay called “In the Combat Zone” by Leslie Marmon Silko, in which she argues that if women felt comfortable using firearms, they wouldn’t present such passive victims for men intent on harming them.

One issue that is especially on the front burner is self-defense using guns, which provokes the current issue of gun control. Any woman out alone after dark is asking for trouble. The diplomatic strategies will help women negotiate or trick their way out of a violent attack rather than using violent action.


The E-mail Address es field is required. By doing this, Silko is contradicting one of her main points of empowering women. The E-mail message field is required. Guns may deter crime, but they do not stop the astronomical amount of people who die as a result of them.

She had been the first to test our parents’ wariness about a woman living on her own. Instead, they should engage in a self-defense class in which the majority of the class provides diplomatic strategy.

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This is true because it creates the feeling for the reader that the gun has served justice for killing a continuous rapist. Brian Kelly site map. Women using guns for self-defense is unsafe and is morally wrong. The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. On the other hand, people argue that there are other options instead of using a lethal weapon, such as mace. Another arguable issue raised by Silko’s essay is empowering women.

I choose to compare “In the Combat Zone” Leslie Silko and “J by Emely Madrid on Prezi

Droberg, Daniel, and Robin Huiras. There are plenty of other ways to empower women than giving them a gun. A Pool of Readings. From her experience with ln afternoon rapist to the drunken hunting men, it is fair to say she is an expert on evaluating violence towards women from strangers.