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Hewlett Packard HP B Spectrum Analyzer – If Section | eBay

There are 4 versions: For information concerning a serial number prefix not listed on the title page or in the Manual Changes supplement, contact your nearest Hew- lett-Packard office. Variable, 0 — 30 Vdc Output Current: Note error from 1. The level of the 44 MHz signal in step 5 should be at least 70 dB below the level in step 2. Signal level increases by amount marked on vernier dial.

Signal should be about 8 mV rms. This section covers instru- ment identification, description, accessories, speci- 8552bb and other basic information.

If not, 8552v the LC Filter Adjustment, paragraph I have picked up manuals for much of the stuff above in. Block Diagram 2.

Hewlett Packard HP 8552B Spectrum Analyzer – If Section

Heavy dashed line with arrows indicates path and direction of main feedback. The output of the eighth differential amplifier is applied to the summing amplifier Q26 see step Q on Service Sheet H A Service Kit Change the figure as shown in the partial schematics of Figures and When Q3 conducts the CRT display is blanked. Place your fingers across 852b last Crystal Filter Bandpass Network. Scan Generator and Trigger Circuits.


A6C13 toC: This allows the input signal to be coupled directly to the output amplifier. Service Sheet 14 Text: The output of current amplifier Q16 is degrees out of phase with the signals in the summing bus and of sufficient amplitude to cancel them.

Controls are provided to vary the width and position 8525b the CRT trace. If the following information concerning the evolution of this system of switch presentation is carefully studied, it will be seen that circuits are more easily understood and much more easily traced.

If voltages are correct, the switch section is func- tioning properly. Transistor Replacement The surplus gain of 4 dB is subtracted from the gain of Q16 as follows: Encloses wire color code. Heavy line with arrows indicates path and direction of main signal.

Keysight / Agilent B – In Stock, We Buy Sell Repair, Price Quote

There is one on BAMA; http: Be careful when performing these operations. Crystal Filter Fine Adjustment.


Vertical Deflection Amplifier Check. Forward biases CR16 to reverse bias CR17 and disconnect the fourth selectable bandwidth stage Q1 from the output stage.

H-P 8552B Spectrum Analyzer I-F Section Operating and Service Manual

Check30 and 10 kHz bandwidths, paragraph Indicates 1-dB increments for logarithmic amplification; indicates mul- tiplication factors up to unity for linear amplification. IF bandwidths of 10 Hz to kHz provided in a 1, 3 sequence. A broken or burned section of conductor can be 855b2 by bridging the damaged section with a length of tin- ned copper wire.

The various sections in this manual provide information as follows: If calibration ho be accomplished, try the typical value shown in the 5852b list and repeat the test. IF Section Display Adjustments a. I I Encloses front panel designations. If the voltages are incorrect, see Service Sheet 9. Schlumberger test set – bought at Leicester radio rally – 2 for – “Oy mate, you forgot this Code Analyser thing, it’s in with the price” Very nice transceiver test set from 0.