Hicom E Office Release 1 0 Service Manual Expanding the system Bedienungsanleitung Siemens Hicom E H. November 24th. User manual for the device Siemens Hicom E, H. Online user manual database. formation section of the Hicom E Office Hicom H Service Manual are also Bedienungsanleitung Siemens Hicom E H.

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The carrier ID is entered as one entry in the authorisation code table and the customer ID is entered as another entry in the authorisation table. Configuration options The feature can be hiclm using: This service work includes the following With this modem, the system software supports data transmission according to the X.

Page 38 Hicom E Office Rel. Page Up to and including Release 2. PC workstation in the home Mobility for a temporary home office and for field services PC outside the company premises e.

Siemens Hicom E, H user manual – – Solve your problem

Received calls are signalled at Hicom E Office extensions using the message bedienungxanleitung function. Dial status The user interface of the telephone system is. Internal calls Internal calls can be made between extensions in “different” systems if permitted by the traffic restriction group.

After timeout Change security mode to Up to and including Release 2. For reasons of heat dissipation, no more than one battery manager and one battery board can be installed in the cabinet designated USVI2.

Press the DSS 1500e.


Both customer A and customer B should be able to call each other internally without bedjenungsanleitung through a CO Customer A must not be able to seize customer B’s trunk incl. Page 89 Hicom E Office Rel.

  ASTM D6760-08 PDF

Hicom E Office is always the last station to be looped in on the S bus since the terminating resistors 2x are permanently installed on the system’s trunk circuit. Performing Feature Check Bedienumgsanleitung the feature for error-free functioning as follows: Step Action Set up a call. This serves as a data backup. Battery mode must be deactivated before using a USVC. This ensures the supply of NTs with power and the functioning of the connected S lines in the event of a power failure.

Page Customer data backup not relevant for Hicom E OfficeOne refers to the automatic and cyclical backup of the customer database CDB to a storage medium. A voice connection to the entrance telephone is possible from any telephone. Proceed with the installation of the system. Page 93 Hicom E Office Rel. The CDRC data can be output in two different formats The board offers the following features and outputs The functionality of all features remains unchanged for all users.

The housing accommodates six slots per shelf. Denied Release speed transfer mode The CGM module must be inserted for Page 79 Hicom E Bbedienungsanleitung Rel.

Output formats For information about the output formats compressed, uncompressed for call detail recording, Operating status Display Off status Blank display — calls cannot be received.

Siemens Hicom 150 E Office Service Manual

Group call If one or more extensions bedienungsanleitkng a group call are free, the call will be offered to them. III Keys, function selection and display 1 Function keys Table List of available documentation for Hicom E Office date: Page Hicom E Office Rel. Entries are made exactly as though programming were via a system administration procedure executed directly on the customer system. Please refer to the appropriate product documents for information about individual applications and on Hicom E Office administration functions.


Step Action Configure hotline.

Page 80 Hicom E Office Rel. Step Action Reset activated feature System status System-wide Flags Bediemungsanleitung the extension whose features should be cancelled. Page 88 Hicom E Office Rel. A total of 2 calls can be transferred to a busy extension simultaneously. Page 54 Hicom E Office Rel. When the callback destination terminates its call when busy or executes a call processing procedure e. Capacity Standby mode Talk time Charging time mAh hours hours hours up to over 10 approx.

Page bedienungsanlietung Hicom E Office Rel. In the system a distinction is made between 15 classes of service for which the following bedidnungsanleitung applies: Example The second V. Keys, function selection bedienungsaanleitung display Function keys The following function keys are available: A socket with crossed cables must first be installed, see Figure The units are not splashproof.

You should use only those flash memory cards that have been approved by Siemens AG because the internal layout of a flash memory card affects the runtime wait states and some features such as APS Transfer and CDB backup.