HER LOVER SHORT STORY MAXIM GORKY A L E X E I M A X I M O V I C H P E S H K O V, P R I M A R I LY K N O W N A S M A X I M G O R K Y, WA. PDF | This paper debates three views in Maxim Gorky’s short story Her Lover. The first one is human loneliness, lack of communication. Her Lover. A Story. by Maxim Gorky. An acquaintance of mine once I lived on the top flight and her garret was opposite to mine. I never left my door open when .

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When they write such a letter for me, and read lkver to me, I feel quite sure that Boles is there. Become a Tendency patron today!

Her door was flung violently closed—plainly the poor girl was very angry. Thou heart of gold, why hast thou not written for such a long time to thy sorrowing little dove, Teresa? In reality, we also are fallen folks, and, so far as I can see, very deeply fallen into the abyss of self-sufficiency and the conviction of hr own superiority. They are, first of all, people with the same bones, flesh, and blood and nerves as ourselves. If we looked around, we can see under cruel appearance a tender, sentimental soul of individuals like Teresa.

Very much liked the voice macim the narrator. This also was dull enough work, but I didn’t care about doing anything else.

Then my door opened. She lives alone in her apartment and there is no one in this world to treat her with love. Russian Literature Maxim Gorky Internet. This idea of humanism according to Maxim Gorky leads society to a peaceful and happy life. I should have liked to have changed my quarters in order to have avoided such encounters and greetings; but my little chamber was a nice one, and there was such a wide view from the window, and it was always so quiet in the street below–so I endured.


May 11, Petra Eggs rated it it was amazing Shelves: Occasionally, I saw her drunk, with bleary eyes, tousled hair, and a particularly hideous grin—and on such occasions, she would speak to me. Can find the discussion Discovering Russian Literature.

Just a dollar a month is all it takes to help support our comedy yb and its writers. She opened my door and I saw that her face was confused and supplicatory. Alongside of me, not three yards away, lived a human creature who had nobody in the world to treat her kindly, affectionately, and this human being had invented a friend for herself!

Failed attempt to portray the pains of a lonely woman and a boy who forms am opinion of the woman merely by glancing at the facade. She, Teresa, is living in a rooming gorly and visits her next door neighbour, a student, to write her a letter as she herself is illiterate. And Teresa–that’s me, and he replies to me, and then I write to him again He doesn’t exist, but he might! Soon, however, he realizes the depth of Teresa’s despair. Subsequently, about three months after this history began, they put her in prison for something or other.

Whenever I come to this point in my story, I always feel horribly awkward and idiotic. And we actually listen; how hideous the whole thing is.


Maxim Gorky’s “Her Lover.”

Gorky’s writing was very simple and easy to follow. She was a tallish, powerfully built brunette, with black, bushy eyebrows and a large coarse face as if carved out by a hatchet. There you have it, and much good may it do you! Sometimes I chanced to meet her on the staircase or in the yard, and she would smile upon me with a smile which seemed to me to be sly and cynical.

Her Lover by Maxim Gorky | Ghulam Mustafa –

So the moral of the story -briefly- is not to be prejudiced towards others when we are clueless of vorky going on in their minds. She was a Mexican, named Teresa. The student probably agrees to write the letter only to get rid of her, and is unable to hide his contempt for her as he writes it.

She really is isolated. Troy Farlow rated it it was amazing Jan 16, The student then realizes that Teresa has created the boyfriend, and her relationship kaxim him, out of loneliness and despair.

Anatoly’s blog: Her Lover by Maxim Gorky Analysis

And has he been your young man long? A week or two passed. Seira Yun rated it really liked it Aug 23, I must say that I quite liked this hee, brief as it was.