Heir to Sevenwaters is the fourth book of the Sevenwaters series. The heroine is Clodagh, the third (or second) daughter of Lord Sean and Lady Aisling. Her father, Lord Sean of Sevenwaters, faces his own difficulties as warring factions threaten his borders. When Aisling gives birth to a son—a new heir to. Heir to Sevenwaters is the first spin-off of The Sevenwaters Trilogy, written by Juliet Marillier. Clodagh, one of the six daughters of Lord Sean of .

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My favorite parts of these books are the gorgeous settings, the relationships between all of the unique, well-developed characters, and seeing so many generations of connected stories. Do you prefer writing in the first person or the third person?

Heir to Sevenwaters : Juliet Marillier :

But when her mother gives birth to a baby boy and when that boy is kidnapped, Clodagh feeling guilty and being the only one who knows and seeing that the Fair Folk exchanged her little brother with a changelingis determined to embark in a quest sevenwateds will change her life.

Flame follows Maeve, one of Lord Sean’s daughters, on her return to Sevenwaters after ten years away at Harrowfield. I am enthralled every time I watch her love story unfold with Cathal. I love knowing a history of the characters and what motivates them from reading the previous books, but what impresses me the most is how unique and addictive M I love this series, so much and Heir to Sevenwaters is another excellent instalment.

This page was last edited on 31 Mayat Beir even found myself skipping through some bits of the quest.

The Sevenwaters Trilogy

I liked most of the characters because I knew them from the previous stories I love the way traditional stories get right to the heart of matters and are unafraid to show big themes: Many of your books seem influenced by fairytales and folklore. For me, this book sevehwaters all the promise in the world at the beginning, then hier its steam, and in the end fell flat. She is very practical and very responsible, two virtues that remind me so much of Jenica from Wildwood Dancing.


Looking forward to the next!

What precious little time she does have, she spends with her only friend, Darragh Darr-aha boy belonging to a family of travelers. I have a number of issues with it, which I shall list here: I still liked Clodagh!

I had accustomed myself to the notion that all I would ever have would be the original trilogy to keep me warm on those cold nights when only the Sevenwaters magic will do.

And there were pages of the main characters professing their love over and over. Do you conceive of stories as you write them, or plot them out beforehand? From the beginning itself, Cathal sevdnwaters a slightly shady character. See and discover other items: Heir to Sevenwatees [Feb 3, ] 43 34 Feb 07, Her lifelong interest in history, folklore and mythology has had a major influence on her writing. I sort of felt the same with the romance in Heir to Sevenwaters, even though I wish there had been more buildup to it.

It pulls ahead only slightly of the first book, Daughter of the Forest, because of the richly woven trials and tribulations of venturing into the Otherworld of the Tautha De Dannan. In fact, she was nothing more than a girl who was more than capable of running a large household, not much more, as was noted more than once throughout the book.

I wanted to read this book because i loved the others but this one never caught me in the same way. When her younger brother, Finbar, is finally born safely into the world, she becomes the sole keeper of her sibling, helping to care for him while her mother recuperates. Admittedly, she was constrained by the frame of the fairytale back then.


Whereas the first three books in this series were full of constant strife and issues such as rape, abuse, and sexual harassment to name a few, the problems Marillier tackles in this installment are far lighter.

Daughter of the Forest Juliet Marillier. I’m so glad I finally got to it!! Sevenwatters relation between Hfir and Deirdre follows a very similar pattern. Yeir this whole utter devotion after knowing each other for a few minutes is a load of crap.

To reclaim her brother, Clodagh must enter the shadowy Otherworld and confront the powerful prince who rules there. I liked this one MUCH more than book 3. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

I love Juliet Marillier’s other books, but everyone was right that this series really is the best. Each book feels entirely separate yet also part of a whole.

This identical voice, coupled with the fact that all of these heroines are quiet, introspective, brave, and gentle, makes the subsequent heroines seem too rehashed from Sorcha.

Of course, as in the previous books, the heroine is called upon to overcome her weaknesses and find the courage to be able to help the tk to prevail and earn her own happiness next to her beloved. Even in Son of the Shadowswhere Bran suddenly inhabits Liadan’s every thought which irked me as much as Sevrnwaters fawning over Cathal, believe methe story was still about Liadan.