Heartache: Plot, Theme +more essaysA) The plot in “Heartache” is an important factor that helps contribute to the readers’ understanding of the story. This story. Heartache may refer to: Lovesickness, condition involving romantic obsession or longing Other media[edit]. “Heartache”, a short story by Anton Chekhov · Heartaches (film), movie with Margot Kidder. Heartache is perhaps such kind of a story in which Chekhov has presented a very ordinary story from everyday life in a very powerful way.

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Reversal of roles in Anton Chekhov’s Heartache

The passengers could easily see that something was wrong with Iona but they simply did not care because they were too much consumed with their own interest just as the animals are busy with eating, sleeping and giving birth to new children.

He ought to have lived Iona looks to see the effect produced by his words, but he sees nothing.

Are you going to drive like this all the way? Iona fidgets on the box as though he were sitting on thorns, jerks his elbows, and turns his eyes about like chekhoc possessed as though he did not know where he was or why he was there.


He still has his daughter Anisya in the country The yeartache live theatre shows in Toronto March But my son is dead, mate This story teaches us a lot of things. We like to think humans as superior to animals because animals only eat, sleep, kill and give birth.

Heartache – Wikipedia

They flow wonderfully hesrtache are smooth and pleasing to both see and hear. After a long altercation, ill-temper, and abuse, they come to the conclusion that the hunchback must stand because he is the shortest.

It’s a queer business I have grown too old to drive Visually stunning, the three stories are told like a piece of music.

Now, suppose you had a little colt, and you were own mother to that little colt. Waiting till there is a brief pause, he looks round once more and says:. My son ought to be driving, not I Iona Potapov, the sledge- driver, is all white like a ghost.

It is a long time since Iona and his nag have budged. Iona sees a house-porter with a parcel and makes up his mind to address him. His passengers were from middle class or rich families and they just got annoyed with him for this.

After the death of the son of Iona Potapov, he broke down emotionally from grief. This is one of the best story I have read ever. Hezrtache a cap you’ve got, my friend! I’ll make you smart. Even in our own time and in our own city Dhaka, we can find similar examples all around us all the time.


Heartache by Anton Chekhov

While doing it he has used reversal of role among human and animal and this way readers can practically rethink about an ordinary event in the life of an ordinary man. However, life is tough for poor people and he had to keep on working as a cabby to earn his heartacye.

Hardly any of us show any sympathy to such a rickshaw puller let alone actually lend a helping hand. When a person acts badly then others call that he is bad like a beast. The officer gets into the sledge.

Skip to content Antony Chekov was one of the greatest short story writers in Russian literature. He was a real cabman The play is the fourth one created by the company that is based on Chekhov’s texts.

The sledge-driver clicks to the horse, cranes his neck like a swan, rises in his seat, and more from habit than necessity brandishes his whip.