Hard to Be a God. Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, trans. from the Russian by Olena Bormashenko. Chicago Review (IPG, dist.), $ trade. I’ve been rereading the Strugatsky Brothers, prompted perhaps by the recent death of Boris Strugatsky. It’s been ten years or so since I last immersed myself in . But for Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, who lived and worked in the Soviet Union at One of the central novels in the Noon Universe is Hard To Be a God ().

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Although still relatively unknown in the United States, the novel has sold millions of copies in Russia.

Hard to Be a God by Arkady Strugatsky

After several years spent in vain Anton begins seeing the people as little more than savages fit for being abandoned or destroyed. Theodore Sturgeon praised Hard to Be a God as “one of the most skillfully written, heavily freighted sf novels I have ever read,” saying “The writing is well paced and the narrative is beautifully structured. Until he served as an interpreter on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The idea of someone with near-godlike powers sent into an imperfect world and trying to do the right thing is fascinating and raises all sorts of good questions.

However, they did not have chance to react.

Filthy, Squalid, Genius: Why It’s ‘Hard to Be a God’ – Flavorwire

It is difficult to say whether too is good or bad. The first version of the review did not address enough of the character study of the book because I wrote it long after I finished reading. I was fascinated following Rumata’s slow but sure slide into a persona of a medieval playboy with corresponding attitude – the real one.

For example, parallels can be drawn between the main theme godd the story and the Russian Revolution of Like all the best science fiction, Hard To Be a God asks the most discomforting of questions, and denies us the comfort of a resolution.


Remembering their childhood, Pashka wonders whether that episode, when Anton decided to disobey a “wrong way” sign, and found ‘a skeleton of a fascist’, had a deeper meaning, but he does not say what that meaning is.

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky are widely known as the greatest Russian writers of science fiction, and their novel Hard to Be a God is considered one of the greatest of their works. The book really does make a point that people as people, matter. In the epilogue Pasha summarizes subsequent events to Anka while waiting for Anton in some recovery medical institution: And these people cannot exist and certainly cannot function in the former atmosphere of low self-interest, banal preoccupations, dull harf, and purely carnal needs.

In a way, disturbing. Anton decides to go further and discovers remnants from World War II — a skeleton of a German gunner chained to his machine gun or so he says to his friends.

That Arkady himself survived was a miracle. And it all ended when the storm troopers came, bent his elbows to his shoulder blades, and hustled him off to the city ge Arkanar. Sooner or later they will be forced to allow universities and scientific societies, to create research centers, observatories, and laboratories, and thus to create a cadre of people of thought and knowledge: This is an utopian world of the future. Terminological confusion brings about dangerous consequences” p.

The first English translation of the novel by Wendayne Ackerman, published inwas made from a German translation rather than the original Russian.

We are told that the purges are affecting the society negatively, but never really feel it. The world itself is breaking down.

Yet, they cannot interfere, shortcircuit the curse of history and give e. He had god-like powers to stop bad guys, but could not use them.

God, it is said, created free will, and created the world, and then left us all to it, come what may, and this is the best thing for us. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As always, my opinion is purely my own. This hut was the most dangerous place in the Hiccup Forest.


Meanwhile, he also battles the tendency to lose sight of his identity; he finds himself becoming more and fod like the callous, boorish aristocrat he is impersonating. They are in turn massacred by monks, apparently members of a Holy Ordera militaristic religious sect. Original Fiction in Doesn’t help that the female characters are, as strygatsky many old books, abysimal.

He could not move and had not an ability to think.

It is unfortunate this book is so hard to get a hold of, as I found it an excellent albeit confusing read. At this point, the father Kabani for a moment awakened.

Hard to Be a God

Another philosophical conversation follows Don Rumata’s conversation with ‘Arata the Beautiful,’ a man fighting for freedom from hhard and oppression who asks Rumata to provide him with the proverbial ‘fire from heaven’ with which to strike down all the oppressors.

Arcady strugatsiy worked as a Japanese teacher in one of schools located in the city of Kansk. Another interesting observation relates to the famous saying that if you wear a mask all the time the mask becomes you. That said, we aren’t exactly culturally untouched, so to speak. Giedre Yes, we’re special that way, but that’s neither here nor there.

Hard to Be a God Russian: Every time Anton is driven to act by a particularly egregious instance of violence, the “basis theory” stays his hand, causing ever-deepening crises of conscience. We follow Rumata, an observer from future utopian Earth, sent to a medieval world with a couple others under a strict struyatsky of non-interference no killing, etcbut secretly trying to help speed up their development.