Raaga: Hamsadhwani – Janya of 29th maelakarth deera sankarabaranam Thala Sreelakshmi teaches the famous Hamsadwani Raagam varnam Jalajakshi. My colleague who is a Veena player forwarded me the lyrics and the notation for the Varnam Jalajakshi Ninnedabasi in Hamswadhwani. Compositions. SaaSani, Swarajati, Rupaka Jalajakshi, Varnam, Maambuchavadi Venkatasubbaiyer, Adi Vatapi Ganapathim, Krithi, Muthuswami Dikshitar, Adi.

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This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat If you don’t mind could you please give me a few examples of padavarnams that have similar themes? For more details and illustration of this concept refer Graha bhedam on Hamsadhvani.

Flat Style by Ian Bradley.

Hamsadhvani does not contain madhyamam or dhaivatam. It is usually sung at the beginning of a performance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Use dmy dates from September More appropriate would be a padavarnam or daruvarnam, which contain multiple sahitya passages. The fact that it is not a popular varnam for dance at least based on varnsm information available online makes me wonder hasmadhwani could be the specific reason for this.


In Hindustani music, it is associated with Bilaval thaat equivalent of Shankarabharanam. Makes sense to me now. The notes used in this scale are shadjam, chatushruti rishabham, antara gandharam, panchamam and kakali nishadam. Would all the experts in this forum be willing to share their knowledge on this and explain why this might be the case? Hamsadhvani is also extensively used in Hindustani music and said to be borrowed into it from Carnatic music.

Hansadhvani [1] Hans Dhwani. Its surely a useful guide for me. Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All I could manage to get were some links of musicians performing this Varnam either on vocals or the violin.


I looked up online to see if anyone has worked on this varnam for dance purposes but could not find any information. Thank you once again.

Other Thanjavur Quartet varnams are similar. It is a pentatonic scale audava-audava ragam [2] [4] in Carnatic music classification — audava meaning ‘of 5’. There are many padavarnams with themes similar to this taana varnam.


It has become popular due to Amir Khan. Sami ninne kori naanura is one such famous varnam. Look forward to hearing about this. Views Read Edit View history. Vzrnam Survey of 74 Hindustani Ragas. Nimbus Records with Rotterdam Conservatory of Music. Indian classical music portal.

Raga Hamsadhwani

Early night, 9—12 [1]. The lyrics are beautiful so not sure why not many people dance to it despite of the fact that it commonly learnt by Carnatic music students. My colleague who is vsrnam Veena player forwarded me the lyrics and the notation for the Varnam Jalajakshi Ninnedabasi in Hamswadhwani.