There is no need of any specialized skill to begin if you are wondering how to start grasscutter farming in Ghana. Many people are switching to eating white meat. It is also one of the most profitable animal husbandry businesses in Nigeria. If you take the grasscutter farming business serious, you can make as much as N4 . PDF | Grasscutter farming technology was introduced in Africa as an antidote to reduce hunting pressure on game species but vast majority of grasscutters.

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We also ducks, bush birds, dogs of different types and breeds and many more. Deji October 21, Each colony must have a very health male. According to experience farmers, Hygiene and good feeding are the most important factors for successful, profitably Grasscutter farming. So, with N70, to N75, rearring, you can start breeding grasscutter. Very well delivered lecture, but I need your email address and phone number contact so I can make further inquiries as starting grasscutter farming Reply.

Please consider this option.

Harmony Adaeze December 16, Ohene Firempong March 17, The standing height is between 25 to rearring. Grasscutter farming is highly profitable, more profitable than you imagined. It will take combined efforts of thousands of farmers to fill the need for bush meat in the market in Africa right now. Henry September 7, It gives birth twice yearly and produce at a time.


How to Start Grasscutter Farming in Ghana

However, there is very little understanding rearint the nutrition of this animal, its disease pattern and housing. Cane rate it should be noted does not dig a hole and cannot climb a tree either, he further stressed. The animal also like Gliricidia sepium, herbaceous legumes like Stylo Stylosanthes gracilis and Pueraria phaseoloides.

Pls I what to invest in this?

The spiny fur on the back and rounded nose distinguish Grasscutter from true rats. Handsome Jimoh May 3, How much does a colony cost presently from your location? Anonymous March 8, This material, and other digital content dearing this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH. Grasscutters feed mainly on grass.

How to Start Grasscutter Farming in Ghana ▷

Where can I get? I learnt inbreeding is not allowed in grasscutter farming. Send me ur contact I need the grasscutter. Wande July 26, How can I get a colony and how much is a colony Reply. Omeh please i want to start up this businees but i don’t know how to get a good species to buy. Onyebuchi Ann June 13, Very helpful… You guys rock so much, keep repping us.

CONTACT us for consultancy or attend Jovana Farms seminars nearest to you and discover everything you need to know about breeding grasscutters for profit. Anonymous February 23, Revd Reariing Yemi Salako. Arinze Onebunne One of the solutions to the problem of unemployment in the country is for government to create the enabling environment for jobless youths and students to set up grasscutter business with very little capital.


Grasscutter farming in Nigeria requires time, energy and effort but if you make a small research on the financial status of big Grasscutter farmers, you would definitely want to start up your own Grasscutter farm right away.

Educative Posts Online University in Nigeria: Grasdcutter is no need of any specialized skill to begin if you are wondering how to start grasscutter farming in Ghana.

Darlington OmehAgriculture Comments. I can supply you from Onithsa here through Peace Mass Transit or through any of our members in Lagos. Can you please forward the manual and your contact phone and address to my box: I am most impressed with your selflessness.

Blessing June 27, To achieve this, a new farmer must lay emphasis on the choice of breeding stock. Grasscutter farming has become a thriving business from merely a hobby for many in Accra, capital city of Ghana. I will appreciate it if you can leave your telephone in my ebox.