Based loosely on Gombrowicz’s own experiences as an expatriate, Trans- Atlantyk is steeped in humor and sharply pointed satire, interlaced with dark visions of. Witold Gombrowicz (), novelist, essayist, and playwright, is considered by many to be the most important Polish writer of the twentieth century. Author. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Gombrowicz () is best known in this Look inside this book. Trans-Atlantyk by [Gombrowicz, Witold].

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Intellectuals are gobmrowicz real sad cases of Trans-Atlantyk ; they are the most pompous and false strata of society. Kesinlikle iyi bir roman ‘Trans-Atlantik’. You sail to Buenos Aires on the Chombry as a cultural ambassador of Poland. The origins of Gombrowicz both the author and main character are vital.

Trans-Atlantyk by Witold Gombrowicz

The translation does enslime the already slippery play of the premise, cranked through 2 continents and spoke on several tongues. Gombrowicz wrote himself that ” Trans-Atlantic was born in me like a Pan Tadeusz in reverse”. The Obituary by Gail Scott In a world where most stories are produced under severe restrictions of time, space, and genre, The book is an extended examination of what one’s nationality is and what it means. It’s a difficult shape Difficult. Jan 02, Kobe Bryant rated it it was ok.

There is yelling and whispering both, and repetition. View all 3 comments.


Grotesque by genre, but also by results, as the story aimed as universal is almost incomprehensible for a foreign reader both because of translation problems as well as importance of the national historical and literary context. There is a suggestion of Gombrowicz talents, but the translators beat it down with their crude sticks.


At the turn of the 20’s and gmobrowicz he started to write short stories, which were later printed under the title Memoirs Of A Time Of Immaturity.

I’ve read it at least 4 times now, and while I enjoy it a little more each time, I still just don’t like at,antyk that much. I feel as though it is certainly good in Polish and when read by a Pole, but in English atlantyl Olde English to boot not as gratifying as his other reads.

Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. Sarcasm of this story is very subtle – not everyone will understand, but still it is worth trying. May 07, Andrew Bourne rated it really liked it. And, finally, is gombrowciz chosen or given?

Trans-Atlantyk by Witold Gombrowicz

A semi-autobiographical, satirical novel that throws into perspective all of Gombrowicz’s major literary, philosophical, psychological and social concerns.

Trans-Atlantyk by Witold Gombrowicz. Still suspect Pitol’s will be the best, limpid and with rapid shifts between language registers that contribute to the energy of this satire.

Not between laughing and atlantyi. What is keeping them there in the dark?

In he published his first novel, Ferdydurke, which presented many of his usual themes: For Gombrowicz, all social customs strangle the individual, cutting him off from spontaneity.

All in all, not an easy read for someone not familiar with Polish literature. He even gave this system a name: I wish I had a few of my Polish speaking friends living in the neighborhood so they could shed a bit of light upon it for me. Soon enough, they are back to socks.


Trans-Atlantyk – Witold Gombrowicz

Want to Read saving…. There is a rushing from place to place and a pleading for pesos. For the steeliest fans it merits a slow exasperating rereading.

The language skips and bumps in a way that is often arduous to read and thus loses the speed and fluidity of a spoken tale. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nationality is yet The grotesque book about the gomhrowicz between the person and the nation, which is exacerbated by migration and historical circumstances.

Their real intention is to ride by the duel and catch a glimpse of the bloodshed, which will, of course, never occur. I can’t compare it to the Polish, but this antiquated style fits perfectly with the picaresque story narrated in Trans-Atlantyk.

The man, in this case, is debating whether Witold has gombrpwicz Poland by not returning. Review by Mieke Chew — Published on June 16, The semi-autobiographical plot of the novel closely tracks Gombrowicz’s own experience in the years during and just after the outbreak of World War II.

Almeno quanto il suo autore.