First published in , Vine Deloria Jr.’s God Is Red remains the seminal work on Native religious views, asking new questions about our species and our. God is Red: A Native View of Religion, 30th Anniversary Edition [Vine Deloria Jr., Leslie Silko, George E. Tinker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. God Is Red [Vine Deloria Jr.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Deloria offers an alternative to Christianity through a return to Indian beliefs.

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And the tie of tribes to particular land means that Native Americans are the spiritual owners of America, which is part of why the image of the Indian is evoked so often in ecological terms. That is not to say that Deloria believes that the entire concept of the Christian doctrine is pointless and that the Indian way is the only way. Refresh and try again. At that time, in the Mediterranean basin, and in many surrounding regions, the tribal era was long gone.

However, it read much more as an criticism of Christianity, which is fine, except that was not the book I was hoping for. Aug 14, Frodo rated it it was amazing. G-d Is Feloria is thought-provoking and dense, but I’m not really sure that it’s that deep. Because must of the commentary examining Christianity concerned recent events, I am curious if the earlier editions focus more on Native American religion.

The grass says the same thing. Es un cambio de paradigma gigante y creo, muy importante. Order our God Is Red: Why are we on it? God is Red is another such book that puts American institutions on blast and demands that the American people own up to past atrocities that they themselves have committed under the instruction and bod of the Christian church.

Over all, I highly recommend this work to anyone interested in American religious ideology. Drloria Heaven, the streets are paved with gold, there are angels with harps, and everyone is healed. Also, Deloria points out that some people are offended by the term “Native American” since anyone born in the U. Deloria digs into the origins of the white man’s exploitation of both the “pagan” peoples and their land. His writing is a strong call to the kind of self-analysis that helps white Americans to grow up, examine their values, and shamed-faced ask the questions that have never occurred to vjne before.


It’s very easy to see the American culture in megachurches, television faith healers, stadium prayer revivals, and Christian rock, but a more nefarious example is how Christianity has been used to justify bigotry, torture, murder, slavery, and genocide throughout history.

Dec 25, Craig rated it it was ok. Similarly, the earth was only man’s temporary abode, a sort of entryway into the afterlife; what difference if the natural resources were depleted and the land despoiled? Mar 04, E.

God Is Red: A Native View of Religion Summary & Study Guide

Deloria even directly states that science is confirming more of his beliefs, and soon his theories will become accepted truth. Deloria does an excellent job of stepping back and saying, hey wait, we can’t explain our beliefs without you first letting go of your paradigm for religion and understanding that ours functions in a fundamentally different way. They had no doubt that he would return during their lifetime. He believes that a return by Delorua Americans to their indigenous belief systems will help bring communities back together and work to heal some problems.

I’m going to reread this once I’ve finished because it has given me so many things to reflect upon.

I’m pretty sure you could say the same for most indigenous belief systems. Great explanation of native American spirituality, how they believe you cannot have a religion without a shared There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

He sought a path that could be of greater benefit to Native American people. He makes the book palatable with occasional flashes of scathing wit, as when he sums up his view of Billy Graham: Perhaps the greatest golfer of them all? In seeking an ultimate answer to meaning of existence, that is, in reading God’s mind as early scientists described their work, modern society has foreclosed the possibility if experiencing life in favor of explaining it. They were confused, perplexed, and pissed.


Finally finished skimmed through the last pagesnot as impressed as I thought I would be. Contents The Indian Movement.

God Is Red: A Native View of Religion Summary & Study Guide

Just live simply and be nice. One of the first things that the reader may notice is that Deloria uses the term “Indian” as opposed to the politically correct equivalent of “Native American. Humans are simultaneously the crown of creation, superior to all other life on the planet, yet each newborn inherently flawed, via the curse of original sin.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature. While I understand why he would want to believe those theories, it was bizarre and out of place in this book to read 10 pages of Deloria defending Velikovsky’s hypothesis and another dozen pages defending ancient astronauts as things that totally happened and through which we should all view the development of religions.


I’ve served here three years and in that time I have All civilized people res descendants of tribal ancestors. Instead it seemed to be an deloeia on Christian religions, and while I think there’s a lot to be criticized about the way Christian religions are run, I could read that in any number of other books.

He berates modern white people for “idealizing” Native Americans and in the very next chapter makes statements like, “The Indian does not fear death.

Aug 27, Richard Reese rated it it was amazing. Deloria drives it home that Western Culture is basically secularized Christianity. So, I’m not going go into depth on Native American history leading up to the s, si legal basis for depriving the Native Americans of their land though see Conquest by Law for an in-depth treatment on thatthe romanticization of long-dead Indians while ignoring modern Indians’ struggle for justice, and so on. I don’t think this book would be an enjoyable read for anyone who follows a strong Christian belief system.