Kate Farleigh was absolutely stunned when her refusal to accept Lady Cahill’s offer of “charity” resulted in her being swept away in her sumptuous carriage. Gallant Waif By Anne Gracie – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Desert Isle Keeper. Gallant Waif. Anne Gracie. Buy This Book. I don’t often have insomnia, but when I do, I look on it as an opportunity to read.

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Feb 16, Ilze rated it really liked it Shelves: Hardcover, no dust jacket.

Also, as a side note, this story has no love scenes at all or any other particularly objectionable elements which should make it suitable for a wide graacie of romance readers. It took a year of backpacking around the world to find that my early desire to write hadn’t left graie, it had just got buried under a busy and demanding job.

European Historical Romance Review Tags: With a physically scarred face and leg, his fiancee no longer wants him.

Desert Isle Keeper

The debut of this yearbook was good so I hope more goodness is yet to come. I admit, once I got into the groove of the story it didn’t bother me anymore. Now that is romantic! Return to Book Page.

View all 6 comments. Little does she know how her life is intertwined with what has happened to Jack. Jack is charming and hurt and you can’t help but hope Kate can give him the love he desperately needs. It is as good a story about the healing of two wounded souls as I have ever read.


I did appreciate the lack of physical intimacy in this book. I know it’s not really a 5-star lovestory, but She finds herself known as “the fren 3. Wounded in the Peninsular War, di Kidnapped by an elderly member of the peerage! Dubbed a hoyden by her father who blamed her for the fact that his beloved wife died giving birth to her, Kate survives by finding ways to be useful, not bitter at the role she is assigned.


Gallant Waif by Anne Gracie – FictionDB

Both of these have their own share of darkness, but how they fight their darkness is what mattered most here. This author does a pretty good job with the time period. Kate Farleigh was absolutely stunned when her refusal to accept Lady Cahill’s offer of “charity” resulted in her being swept away in her sumptuous carriage. Buy Gallant Waif by Anne Gracie: Jack was scarred and wounded so badly in the war he is unable to ride his horse and can no longer hunt.

I loved Jack’s cynicism, I loved how he still didn’t give up on riding and I loved his hard-headed stubbornness even though it sort of irked me once or twice. However, as much as I admired the h for her strength of character in the first quarter of this story, her character quickly devolve Even though a more appropriate title for this book would be: May 19, Crista rated it really grcaie it Shelves: Yet when it actually happened, it was worse than I’d dreaded But seriously, it was a great book, one that had me squealing and fangirling throughout.



To view it, click here. Another scene, and one that had me in tears, was so superbly written I had to stop and re-read it. Kate is fun, kind and you can’t help but admire her. Just finished re-reading Anne Gracie’s first two hracie books. So many sweet moments in this book. It involves Jack, his soldier friends, and even Wellington himself.

I liked this book very much. Also, the story ran a little too long. The vast majority of Jack and Kate’s interactions are spent arguing. Very Good with no dust jacket Edition: To see anme your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Ellen Micheletti Review Date: Stock photos may not look exactly like the book.

Gallant Waif by Anne Gracie

This guy is broke, and with a vile temper is a cripple. She was one of those really feisty old ladies who could definitely go toe-to-toe with both Jack and Kate, and without the support and behind-the-scenes manipulation of her and Jack’s friend, Francis, I’m not sure they ever would have given in to their feelings for one another.

Jondal Book Search Condition: The horse period was a time when my parents entered a “let’s-be-self-sufficient” phase, so we had a horse, but no electricity and all our water came from the rain tank. Published April 1st by Harlequin first published