Hence the name Fulminata, from the phrase Terra Fulminata or ‘earth armed with lightning’. As the author notes, while the Romans did not. Thyrsus Games. Year Published. Primary Name. Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning. Alternate Names. Fulminata: Armed with Lightning. The Legio duodecima Fulminata (“Thunderbolt Twelfth Legion”), also known as Paterna, Victrix, Antiqua, Certa Constans, and Galliena, was a legion of the Imperial Roman army. . in modern-day Slovakia, and an episode of a miraculous rain and lightning saving a Twelfth subunit from defeat is reported by the sources.

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I’ve hit a lot of the big games available, but I’ve missed a few as well.

Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. As the frontier has moved outward, some of the older frontier provinces have been made Senatorial provinces.

Fvlminata: Armed With Lighting – Romans With Guns! | Alternate History Discussion

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. It does not, however, provide as much discussion of the implications of magic’s existence on Roman history– GMs will have to do some improvisation on that. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Core Rules min needed to play.

Secrets of the Universe.

Your name or email address: Community, content, contests, PbF gaming, GM advice, reviews, reports. Lighfning another big change in this setting that gets a less attention, with only passing mention on the back cover and in the introduction.


Lihgtning highlight of his reign was the invasion and conquest of Germania Magna in A great overview of ancient Rome, history, customs, law, entertainment. He invents gunpowder in 96AD.

Retrieved from ” https: Polyeuctes is a martyr under Valerian who was a soldier of the Twelfth. Apparently a supplement called Insulae Britannicae: However the firing mechanism is absolutely brilliant, a flintlock breach loader that looks something that would be designed at the turn of the 19th. He threatens using the Legion in bloody pacification of possible future Jewish rebellion, along with auxiliary Arab ligntning.

Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning: Michael S. Miller: : Books

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. This page does not exist. Or should I say magics as it offers several different flavors ranging from Magi to Mithraic Priests to Etruscan Diviners to other Magicians and Witches. As an example, in the introduction Fulminata goes over the Roman Virtues, something I’ve seen elsewhere. It looks like there are a couple of foreign language games, but I’m a little surprised that the only Asterix games seem to be solo adventure play ones.

Both legions were defeated by the Parthians and Armenians at the battle of Rhandeia ; after surrendering, the legions were shamed and removed from this theater of war. Not as in depth as some other resources, but useful and solid.

Perhaps it would be like a DiVinci-esque set or weapons or maybe reclaiming lost Greek technology of batteries or a fire that burns eternally for some strange engine. Tags separate by space: Not a stable situation The legion was probably in Armenia during Trajan ‘s campaign of AD, that ended with the annexation of the Kingdom of Armenia. Even if you don’t like the game system, this book is a valuable sourcebook for the world material.


The Roman Empire and the Silk Routes: When he mixed the key combination of six parts nitre, one part charcoal and one part sulphur, it exploded. I bought this book used for someone who has wanted it for years, but thought the new price was insane. There’s a glossary and a really full index. You can edit this page to create it.

Showing of 3 reviews. It’s smartly written with an understanding that readers may find this kind of alt history overwhelming. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

As a general Roman resource it has a lot to offer.

Twelfth Legion Fulminata

You must log in or sign up to reply here. English Choose a language for shopping. That’s a nice step to fulminats at the outset– giving players and GMs a descriptive rather than prescriptive framework for play.