“Function and Concept” (German: Über Funktion und Begriff, “On Function and Concept”) is an article by Gottlob Frege, published in The article involves a . : Funktion, Begriff, Bedeutung (): Gottlob Frege: Books. Funktion, Begriff, Bedeutung. [Gottlob Frege] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mit den hier von Günther Patzig zusammengestellten und.

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Frrge, recall that Frege proposed that terms following propositional attitude verbs denote not their ordinary denotations but rather the senses they ordinarily express. Begriff, Wahrnehmung und Daseinsthesis. Immediately after that, inhe published the first volume of the technical work previously mentioned, Grundgesetze der Arithmetik. Hanskoebi marked it as to-read Nov 22, For example, he criticized mathematicians who defined a variable to be a number that varies rather than an expression of language which begrifg vary as to which determinate number it may take as a value.

Essays in Honor of Hilary PutnamCambridge: Note that the concept being an author of Principia Frgee satisfies this condition, since there are distinct objects x and ynamely, Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead, who authored Principia Mathematica and who are such that anything else authoring Principia Mathematica is identical to one of them.

Later, in his Basic Laws of Arithmetic vol. Frege provided a foundations for the modern discipline of logic by developing a more perspicuous method of formally representing the logic of thoughts and inferences. Few philosophers today believe that mathematics can be reduced to logic in the way Frege had in mind.

In the ebgriff of the modern predicate calculus, this is formalized as: This article has no associated abstract. Dietmar marked it as to-read Aug 12, Paperback84 pages.

MacFarlane addresses this question, and points out that their conceptions differ in various ways: John believes that Samuel Clemens wrote Huckleberry Finn. Its sense may be described as follows. In a famous episode, Bertrand Russell wrote to Frege, just as Vol.


Most of these axioms were carried over from his Begriffsschriftthough not without some significant changes.

6 Funktion, Begriff, Wertverlauf, Klasse : Gottlob Frege Eine Einführung in sein Werk

And I’d like to thank Paul Oppenheimer for making some suggestions that improved the diction and clarity in a couple of sentences, and for a suggestion for improvement to Section 3. However, the two sentences in question express different thoughts. Hinstorff,the first section of which dealt with the structure frrge logic of language. Aspekte und Probleme der Sprachphilosophie. The first table shows how Frege’s logic can express the truth-functional connectives such as not, if-then, and, or, and if-and-only-if.

On Frege’s view, d [ j ] and d [ m ] are the real individuals John and Mary, bgeriff.

The MIT Press, 3— This idea was formulated in non-symbolic terms in his The Foundations of Arithmetic His attempts at salvaging the work by restricting Basic Law V were not successful. It is one which evolves out of the ideas that 1 certain concepts and laws remain invariant under permutations of the domain of quantification, and 2 that logic ought not to dictate the size of the domain of quantification. This rapprochement between Kant and Frege is developed in some detail in MacFarlane No keywords specified fix it.

But Frege, in effect, noticed the following counterexample to the Principle of Identity Substitution. As we’ve seen, the domain of objects included two special objects, namely, the truth-values The True and The False. Thoregon added it Apr 13, Bill is Debbie’s father. Wilhelm Fink Verlag, Inhe was promoted to ordentlicher Honorarprofessor regular honorary professor. Nader marked it as to-read Oct 20, A propositional attitude is a psychological relation between a person and a proposition.


More importantly, fhnktion, Frege was the first to claim that a properly formed definition had to have two important metatheoretical properties.

Crocodile added it Dec 07, To ask other readers questions about Funktion, Begriff, Bedeutungplease sign up.

Function and Concept

Let us refer to the denotation and sense of the words as follows: Indeed, some recent scholars have a shown how Frege’s work in logic was informed in part by his understanding of the analogies and disanalogies between funkfion and number theory Wilsonand b shown that Frege was intimately familiar with the division among late 19th century mathematicians doing complex analysis who split over whether it is better to use the analytic methods of Weierstrass or the intuitive geometric methods of Riemann Tappenden Philosophy of MathematicsCambridge, MA: Before receiving the famous letter from Bertrand Russell informing him of the inconsistency in his system, Frege thought that he had shown that arithmetic is reducible to the analytic truths of logic i.

Despite these fundamental differences in their conceptions of logic, Kant and Frege may have agreed that the most important defining characteristic of logic is its generality, i.

By contrast, Frege took logic funkyion have its own unique subject matter, which included not only facts about funktoon concerning negation, subsumption, etc. Blackwell, second revised edition, funktikn But, of course, Frege’s view and Kant’s view contradict each other only if they have the same conception of logic. As one can see from the table above, Frege didn’t use an existential quantifier.