You have to fill I, Affidavit of support form, if you need to show that you can financially support your relatives (or anyone else) visiting the U.S. You do not. Simply prepare Affidavit of Support – Form I online. Instructions included allowing you to easily complete the affidavit of support to file with USCIS. I am willing and able to receive, maintain, and support the person(s) named in item 3. I am ready and willing to deposit a bond, if necessary, to guarantee that.

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How To Fill Out Form I Affidavit Of Support For Nonimmigrant Visa

It is legally enforceable and valid until the applicant either becomes a U. It is the form ot by the Department of State in all family-based immigration petitions and some employment-based immigration petitions.

Click here to download the form. Married sons and daughters of U. What if I am sponsoring my wife for an F1 visa?

IR-3, provided the child will be admitted to the United States while still under the age of 18 and will reside in the United States in custody of the adoptive U. Send Firm Free Tips. To be sure you include everyone, make sure that you add all dependents that are on your tax return.

What kind of employment can an H4 visa holder get?

The fees associated for an Affidavit of Support are as follows: What are you looking for? Statement from employer showing date of hire, salary and status of employment. I successfully navigated the U. IR-2, a child born to a parent who is now a U. Ask New Question Sign In.


Can I make an affidavit on my own? Orphan Adopted Abroad by a U. Sponsors planning to cover all the students expenses should write “All educational and all living expenses” and the period of time. The likelihood of an immigrant becoming a public charge is determined with each visa application. If the sponsor is in the United States, the affidavit may be sworn to or affirmed before an immigration officer see any USCIS District or sub-office or before a notary public or other official authorized to administer oaths for general purposes.

Because of this, it is required that most visa or green card applicants have a U. This category also includes immigration based on a U.

Which Affidavit of Support Form I-864 or I-134 to use?

It is only required for employment-based immigration petitions when a relative files the immigrant visa petition or when the relative has a 5 percent or greater ownership interest in the business that filed the petition. Resources How Do I? This must be completed in Part 7, page 8 of 8. For this reason, it is not necessary to sign Form I before a notary, nor to have your signature notarize after you sign it.

Unmarried sons and daughters of U. The I is used for qffidavit domestic adjustment of status applications and consular processing permanent resident applications filed abroad. Enter the city and country where the petitioner was born. Include the maximum length of time you will sponsor the student for this degree program — Estimate three 3 years, or longer if English study is required.

Sponsors who gorm to cover all tuition and fees, and books and supplies may write “All Educational Expenses”. How can I get a sponsor to the U.


Unmarried Child under 21 years of age of a U. One major difference between the two form is the income requirement. Form I is also an Affidavit of Support Form. Eupport to be Adopted in the United States by a U.

Remember, forn I is also used to sponsor someone on other nonimmigrant visas such as a tourist visa. Register Now Testimonials Success Stories. If there are more than 3, add that information on Page 7.

It means if there is a possibility of you needing government welfare, your visa may be denied under the public charge grounds of inadmissibility.

If the petitioner has created an account on uscis. A separate affidavit must be filed by the sponsor for each person. Questions 3a — 3i: Questions 1a — 1b: The following are special instructions for completeing Form I The said burden of exprnses will be borne by the sponsoring individual.

Questions 7a — 7b: If you petitioner have ever changed your name, enter the name you used to go by. What is the process to sponsor my wife from India and how long does it take? Please enter a valid email address. One reason an immigrant can be found inadmissible is if they are at risk of becoming a public charge.