FogBugz includes a wiki for creating and maintaining documentation. The. Fog Creek Software Made in NYC and around the world. FogBugz in Two Minutes. “But I only have one minute!” No worries, there’s a .

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If you are working on a large project team, you may want to have several people who help sort through new cases. Tags make it easy to find what you are looking for in FogBugz. You must import them in order from lowest to highest case number. Each wiki every article can be edited by anybody or you can more narrowly define your permissionsand a complete record of all edits is maintained forever.

The file looks like this:. FogBugz does not automatically maintain a table of contents to all wiki articles.

Once logged on, you can get a list of filters available to the current user. You can use the wiki for any team documentation: When viewing of editing a wiki article, there is an Info link next to Edit at the top-right. The ticket for a case, which can be turned into a public ticket URL https: A wiki is a collection of related articles.

To search only wiki articles, add type: If q is not present, returns the cases in your current filter.

Using FogBugz On Demand? Using FogBugz On Demand? You can create a link to any FogBugz case simply by typing the case number when you insert a link. Note that you must be an administrator to see time interval information for users other than the logged on user. Leave off if you want them all.

Projects and Areas – FogBugz Knowledge Base

When a customer asks a common question, you can reply with a canned snippet instantly. Manuscript installation Defect View Url: The list of filters is already fogbjgz the same order that users are used to seeing it in the FogBugz user interface and should be documntation.


You can choose whether Anonymous and Community users can see and edit the wiki, and you can enable finer controls by setting assigning the wiki to a group.

Existing tags omitted from this list will be removed. Do not use with new repositories. Inevitably, cases will be miscategorized, and the pain of choosing an area may even make people enter fewer cases.

FogBugz will supply you with a list of full names; you must provide the appropriate full name to log on. Allows you to add hrs in working hours time to dt respecting the working hours.

This is the same data that is shown in the Ship Date report. You can read more about this encoding type in the RFC.

FogBugz Knowledge Base – FogBugz Knowledge Base

Using user variables to map users to Manuscript. Using reference URLs to link test cases to Manuscript. Then, add areas only after careful consideration—and only if they are needed for a particular filter that you want to create. You can supply any address for the sFrom field, although the UI restricts you to email addresses that FogBugz is actively checking so that when a user replies to your email, it will actually go back into FogBugz.

Doxumentation logged on, you can get a list of filters available to the current documenation. Documentation About Us Support. This is the same data that is show in the Per-User Ship Date report. Using FogBugz On Demand? FogBugz users will probably expect to see the three types of filters grouped as they are in FogBugz itself.

Administrators can also determine which users can view, create and edit cases within a project with permissions Each project has a primary contact.


Using the FogBugz Wiki

Think of it this way: You can add and remove columns and rows and split or merge cells by right-clicking the table. It includes rich formatting features, a built-in spell checker, and user-customizable style sheets.

Database may be down or needs to be upgraded. The meaning is internal to FogBugz. The private tag can almost always be ignored by non-Fog Creek api clients. This is the same data that is displayed in the Per-User Timeline Report. The reference URLs are used to link test cases to cases stored in Manuscript via the References field.

You can resize the image in Firefox only by clicking it and dragging the corners or edges. FogBugz search includes wiki articles.

Users can subscribe to a wiki fogvugz to receive notification when it changes. List the historical nightly ship date calculations for this milestone at this Priority fpgbugz the time when the milestone was created until now. Save your changes and click on the red link to get to the new article. You access FogBugz through a web browser. Using a sophisticated statistical technique we developed called Evidence-Based Scheduling, FogBugz displays a probability curve of completion dates that considers developer estimation history, team work schedules, and project dependencies.

This command will also remove any associations between a milestone and projects.

This is the same data that is show in the Per-User Ship Date report. An example of an html page which submits to the api to create a new case and upload a file would look like this:.