View and Download Roland Fantom X6 user manual online. Roland Fantom X6: User Guide. Fantom X6 Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download. Also for. View and Download Roland Fantom-X6 owner’s manual online. Roland Owner’s Manual CD Player Fantom-X6, Fantom-X7, Fantom-X8. Fantom-X6 Electronic. This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the FANTOM-X6 from Roland Corporation.

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Index Receive Hold Making A Piano Sound Harder Or Softer Making a piano sound harder or softer By adjusting the release or brilliance, you can make a piano sound sit better in your mix, or make it more responsive to your playing.

The phrases produced by the arpeggio function can be recorded into the sequencer in real time. This is useful for changing volume through keyboard position pitch when playing acoustic instruments.

Roland Fantom-X6 user manual – – Solve your problem

Playing Rhythm Phrases Playing rhythm phrases Normally the pads are used to play rhythm sounds, but you can also use them to play rhythm pattern. The Pad Setting screen will appear. The data at the destination will be erased and replaced by the extracted data. True Number Change System Exclusive: Since the playback speed will change according to the force with which you play the keyboard, you can vary your playing dynamics to create a realistic simulation of playing a guitar.

Adjust the brightness of the sound Raising the cutoff setting will brighten the sound, Conversely, you can create a milder sound by lowering the cutoff value. Page 58 – Tip 3: Page 15 – Select Patches Page 16 – Playing separate sounds with left and ri This is effective in situations such as when simulating noises from guitars and other instruments.


Editing Songs Bias Specify the amount number of ticks by which the sequencer data will be moved.

Roland Fantom-X6 user manual

Parameter List Misc Group P. Use with other stands or carts is capable of resulting in instability causing possible injury.

If the Fantom-X does not function in the way you expect, first check the following points. Specify the length of the sample as a time value. Creating a Patch fig. Saving Patches You’ve Created write Cautions When Using a Loop Waveform With many acoustic instruments such as piano and sax, extreme timbral changes occur during the first few moments of each note. You can also use the knobs to adjust some of these settings directly.

Functions in the Patch Play screen fig. Using the Chord Memory Function Chord Memory Sounding a chord in the order of its notes Rolled Chord This causes the notes within a chord to be sounded consecutively, rather than simultaneously.

Each item that can be set is known as a parameter. The pan of the tone will be changed only when the next note is played.

In this screen you can view a list that shows settings for all parts at once, such as the patch assigned to each part, and its kanual and pan settings. Specifies how far apart you want a down-beat specified by the Shuffle Resolution parameter to be from the up-beat that immediately follows. Place the text file you created in step 1 in the following location of the Fantom-X.

Similarly, the function allowing you to use MIDI messages to change multi-effects settings in realtime is called the Multi- effects Control p.



Place the instrument on the stand as follows. Page Knob fig. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture. What is an audio track? Using The Knobs To Control Multi-effects Using the knobs to control multi-effects You can use the knobs to modify the sound as easily as when using a compact guitar effect unit.

Main Features Cutting-edge sound engine that unifies audio and MIDI The Fantom-X inherits the same sound engine that was acclaimed on the Fantom-S, unifying synthesizer and sampler into a single sound generator. Turn these settings OFF when you wish to listen to the unprocessed sound as you create a sound, or when you wish to use external effects processors instead of the built-in effects.

You can add finishing touches to your song by adjusting the sound to create a good-sounding blend and by bringing out the parts you want to emphasize. Panel Descriptions Rear Panel fig.

Alternatively, you can sample entire phrases and play them back at a touch. Error Messages — Please perform the Factory Reset operation. Selecting Favorite Patches favorite Patch Playing in Patch Mode Selecting Favorite Patches Favorite Patch In the patch mode, You can bring together your favorite and most frequently used patches in one place by registering them in the favorite patch.