Hey guys! Thought I should share my thoughts on this BEAUTIFUL book about independence drumming. I know that on my posts about which. Cutting-edge techniques to master 4-limb independence from German drum sensation Marco Minnemann. His method will dramatically increase independence. drummer Marco Minnemann: Beyond Chops His challenging instructional books (Extreme Interdependence, Ultimate Play-Along, and the latest, Maximum .

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Marco has also developed technically amazing, visually exciting soloing skills with this advanced technique. Send a private message to diosdude.

When he saw me, he was shocked. People minnemmann are like ‘hey, how the heck can he do that? This elite group of international super-drummers has changed the face of drumming and raised the bar on speed, ambidextrous technique, soloing, stick tricks, multi-pedal coordination, and independence to levels that seem unimaginable to most drummers.

Marco Minnemann: Beyond Chops

Anyone else have anything to say on this? But that doesn’t matter because I achieved what wanted till now and I’ll be continuing this book because I know that only this first chapter has helped my independence tremendously, it has open my mind more to creativity because since it marvo us work with ALL 4 limbs, I came up now with some cool hi-hat foot stuff with ride cymbal and etc.

I know that on my minnekann about which book would I suggest would usually be the first one that I advise form some time is Marco Minnemann’s Extreme Interdependence book.

How long has it taken you sxtreme really feel comfortable with the majority of your interdependence techniques? At the time the first book came out, I sounded like a complete beginner. I am having better luck working the patterns with all the parts together. So while writing down all of these ideas, I practiced until I felt comfortable with them.


That book is two lifetimes of work unless you’re Marco Minnemann! I started to feel my independence on the drums really grow. Nothing in the world can buy that or replace it. Do you feel that most drummers come to your clinics really wanting to learn anything, or are they mostly there to see a superhero flash extrsme superpowers?

Hey man, Marco is one of my favorite drummers and definitely a giant among this generation’s greats.

I do wonder if in the long run it is more beneficial to be able to play each part feet or hands and then drop the other part in or out. Minnemann has been a prolific songwriter and producer for many years, covering a spectrum of diverse musical styles between his early years with his band, Illegal Aliens, and his six eclectic solo recordings.

Because I don’t have the benefit of being able marcoo practice my instrument when I want. One of the guys came into the room to see who was playing. I’ll probably never get to go through the actual book itself but the warm-ups alone can do amazing things for your independence.

I started playing double-stroke combinations against single-stroke combinations, and once I felt comfortable with that I added paradiddle combinations against different paradiddle combinations. I remember this began in between tours, while I was in Spain. I really sounded bad at first. Find all posts by diosdude. Interdepenence find this very helpful. Miguel – Azorean Islands Portugal Posts: Then I began the next chapter of adding triplet combinations and playing interdependencee against the 16th-note groupings.


My journey on Marco Minnemann’s Extreme Interdependence – DRUMMERWORLD OFFICIAL DISCUSSION FORUM

I am still in the Warm Up exercises. And to be honest they didn’t look to hard at first to execute but the farther you go, the more complex the exercises become. Then that gives me the motivation to move ahead to the next challenge. Miguel in the middle of September and started practicing the book.

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Originally Posted by diosdude. October 01, My journey on Marco Minnemann’s Extreme Interdependence. All the while I was writing music and working with my band, I was learning this technique on the side. Does it become more of a spectacle than an mardo event? I am not having any problems at all with the Hands interxependence the Feet when played separately and many of the warm up exercises feel very natural to me.

Find all posts by FunkyJazzer. I do not have Marco’s book, but have been working on my own ideas along these lines. There are a few though that are really bending my brain When I put them together, should I be thinking about the feet as an ostinato and work on laying the hands over it, OR These combinations led to very interesting modulations in the rhythm.

So I know that the next chapters will help me more not only in my independence but my creativity as well.