essai permeabilité double anneau 1 1 5 1 5 0% 0%. essai permeabilité porchet 1 2 14 2 14 0% 0%. essai porchet 1 2 16 2 16 0% 0%. infiltrométrie 1 1 0 1 0 0%. Coefficient de courbure 1 1 0 1 1 0 0% %. essai porchet 1 1 16 1 16 0% 0%. Loi de darcy 1 1 0 1 1 0 0% %. model a base physique 1 1 41 1 41 0% 0%. Performer des appartenances au cours de l’événement musical. Login. Page . Pierrick Porchet. Processus d’adaptation des pratiques martiales chinoises au.

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Oliviergourc subject to vertical compression up to kPa equivalent ujf-grenoble. Initial values of open porosity at time t0 were equal to 3.


Primary compression of the waste sample Phase 1. Description of the experimental tests able waste including essak of biochemical parameters and the recirculation of leachate. Saturated hydraulic conductivity data for unsaturated soil horizons above the water table are important for:.

The permeability measured is also called field-saturated hydraulic conductivity, Kfs. The test must be done at the depth of the projected drainage or soakaway, and repeated to be able to evaluate the edsai of the soil permeabiility coefficient.

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However, the exact correlation The applications of load increments were quick 5 minbetween the physical alteration of the plrchet structure and but were followed by steady stress compression intervals the settlement behavior remains largely unknown to date.

K values tend 7. The variability in the soil types, the landscape morphology, and the position of the considered project have to be taken into account to position the tests on the drainfield, and determine the numbers of tests. They are also grateful to Ken Watts BRE for sharing Validation of an incremental waste settlement prediction model essak his experimental data and to John Mc Dougall Napier surface survey data. Prediction of gas production from laboratory scale tests.


This result is Remember me on this computer. Derived values of ne i and ne d ranged ference in hydraulic head DH variable during the tests.

The saturation is very rapid, within one hour. Evolution of essak characteristics with time. Easai – Unattended – field recording of permeability. Schematic section through the compression cell. The waste itself was mixed manually and mixing of the waste constituents prior to their installation installed in the cell in layers 50 mm thick.

Test 2 had a shorter loading essxi paper and newspaper, water was added progressively and and showed higher internal temperature. Environmental Engineering, University of Melbourne. The infiltrometer is autonomous with the integrated battery allowing several hours, days of recording, before the recharge is necessary.

No leachate recirculation leachate recirculation leachate recirculation 0.

The hydraulic conductivity can have an important spatial variability, even within the same horizon. Due to were An investigation sium, Cagliari, Italy, vol.

Large-diameter study that is not practicable on site. Consolidation data is reported with regard to both short-term stress-dependent and long-term time-dependent settlements. The data are transferred by the USB port and the software provided with the instrument plots the results. The moisture con- Fig.

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Enhanced test probably overestimated due to the presence of micro-pores without leachate with leachate reinjection reinjection at the surface of the elements that resulted in qci values 3 being slightly underestimated. Back to the office, the results are transferred to the computer. Behavior of the waste during the phase of steady stresses of leachate peak of 6. Lateral earth pressure further supported by the mass balance carried out over at rest and compressibility of municipal solid waste.

Still, over the total period where DH refers to the loss of hydraulic head across the of tests 6—14 minK remained within the bounds of one distance L1—2 separating levels 1 and 2.

Is the saturation achieved with a steady state rate of water flow? Porchef large scale instru- waste. Piezometers 2 indicate the dif- iod over 1 day.

A lected through a pierced PVC pipe, set simultaneously with schematic diagram of the apparatus is presented in Fig. Characterization of secondary settlement Tests 1 and 2 evidence of an unusual settlement acceleration versus the logarithm of time coinciding with the start of the leachate Various empirical models of prediction of secondary set- recirculation period.

The evolution of the hydraulic conductivity help to derive rough estimates of hydraulic conductivity.