This page contains information about the Musician’s Manual for the TS from Ensoniq Corporation. TS12 manual english. The TS12 Manual in english, 1 MB, (c) by ensoniq. TS10 manual english. The TS10 Manual in english, 1 MB (c) by ensoniq. Winzip Get manuals, specifications, and demos for the Ensoniq TS synthesizer.

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The settings of all performance parameters on sequencer tracks are saved for each track while the power to the TS is off, and are always available. Instead, we are referring to the number of voices that will sound on each key as you play the program. Complete Ts Rom Wave Catalog The glide time determines how fast it will glide to the new note.

To install an alternate tuning into the System pitch-table: Poles — Rolloff Curves Key zones can be used to create simple two-program splits or to create more complex keyboard layouts. The Tempo Track feature is incompatible with older software. You are returned to the Select Voice page, the custom drum-map is gone, and voices 5 and 6 are reset to their default voices. TS, which will then re- transmit the message exactly as it was received.

The TS returns to the current Sequencer Bank page with the new song selected.

ENSONIQ TS-10 Manual

For listening through headphones, plug the phones into the rear-panel jack marked Phones. This means that if you quantize two identical tracks with randomization, you will get different results. Page – Additional sys-ex recorder notes Page – Ts disk messages Page – Fatal error messages Page – Section 14 — understanding sampled sou Preset Effects Each preset in the TS also contains an effect and a complete set of effect parameter values. The compare buffer is always selected after a recall.


This command will copy the pitch-table directly from the currently program, or from the compare buffer if the Compare LED is on, into the system pitch- table.

On the other settings, some types of events will be left out of the list — For the best performance, try to select the highest value that works with your sound source. Page Whenever you record any track of a sequence or song, all of these values are automatically saved — that is, they will be remembered by the TS if you leave the sequence by selecting another one and return to it later. This takes you off the Write Page. Page 16 AC Line Conditioning Section 7 — Effect Parameters For more information about how these parameters function, see Section 5 — Each “Sound” can have up to four variations which are selected via two “Patch Selector Buttons” above the Pitch-bend and Modulation wheels.

When a sequence name parameter is selected on the Song Edit, Append Sequence, Copy Track or Merge Track pages, an LED above one of the bank buttons will flash to show where the indicated sequence is located.

The TS can be programmed so that the sound changes sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes radically when you play notes with one or both Patch Select buttons held down As you play the sounds in the TS, make sure you explore what these buttons do to each sound. Also, if you set the PERCENT parameter to zero, you can randomize a track, keep the new track, and randomize it again to get things progressively looser.

Suppose for example, you are playing the TS from a keyboard with a breath controller or want to use a breath controller as a modulator when playing the TS keyboard.


The Ensoniq TS12 Homepage

Page Sampled Sounds. Removing A Wave-list Continued presses of the soft button beneath the time signature will toggle between the upper and lower fraction values. Edit Track Range page, as shown earlier in this section.

The Quantize or auto-correct function can take a less than perfect track and put it right on the beat. For best results, set the TS Pressure parameter to match the type of pressure supported by the external MIDI device which will send to or receive from the track you are setting.


Copy Pitch-table Parameters System tuning. This is easy to set up on the TS by layering the two sounds and assigning them ensojiq key zones. In this way, if your music requires the same pitch-table all the time, you can simply turn on the TS and start The default sound in ROM will be selected. This is useful when using the TS as a controller with an external sequencer and a number of other remote MIDI devices. The loop start and end points can be modulated in real time by various sources like the Fnsoniq, envelope generators, modulation wheel, etc.

The TS will then return to its previous state.

Selectable Effect Modulation Parameters No rack-module version was produced. Don’t have an account? Page 3 During these times, there may be delays in answering your call. Scsi Option read-only