The fascinating, implausible life of Tsu Hsi, or “Orchid,” was reviled by the revolutionary Chinese, but here it receives a sympathetic treatment from Min ( Red. Empress Orchid tells the story of Tzu Hsi, China’s longest-reigning female ruler and its last Empress. According to Min, for decades Chinese schoolchildren have . Empress Orchid [Anchee Min] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From a master of the historical novel, Empress Orchid sweeps readers into .

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And so, that is my review of this book. Was it meant to be romantic? Gigih mengajari anaknya Tung Chih sang Kaisar Lrchid agar tidak mengikuti jejak ayahnya, Anggrek menerima perlakuan dingin dan pemberontakan dari sang Kaisar Muda. The hostess has a background in Chinese history and wanted to share her passion with the book club group. I really liked how it kept me going even when some chapters were long and slow.

Empress Orchid

Tzu Hsi is not your usual 19th century Chinese woman. May 30, Cecily rated it really liked it Shelves: Dialogue and narrative became increasingly pedantic as the novel’s focus shifted from Orchid’s personal struggles to the wars plaguing China at the time and Orchid’s increasingly active role in assisting the emperor.

It provided a nice reprieve from the modern Mib novels that I had been reading recently. It was just confusing.

Empress Orchid: Anchee Min: Bloomsbury Paperbacks

But her success brings enemies: Forget about being more sinned against xnchee sinning, in these novels the character is a saint surronded by madmen, sexist pigs, vampy women, and stupid, cruel people. Being a concubine is not quite what she would have thought. It sort of fell short of those expectations though.

Sometimes revisionist historical fiction wants to add a romance where there wasn’t one or to make more of a romance then what it really was, a virgin to a non-virgin. Who says Asians are prudes? She is chosen as the Imperial consort of the fourth rank.

A jealous wife may be an evil witch or maybe not.

What little I know of Cixi Orchid suggests she was a formidable and ruthless character, and not a terribly likable person. But the tide of opinion now seems to be turning for the last empress. Nonetheless, Orchid’s life is still in danger from Su Shun a corrupt official as the Emperor has not yet named an heir. No, sometimes I want to read about a person’s gut reaction to a book, how it made him or her feel. Read “Daughter of Heaven” by Nigel Cawthorne about the ancient Chinese Empress Wu Chao to read how thoroughly concubines were prepared for the Emperor, and he for them.


I was fascinated and sometimes horrified! If Orchid is sent home, rather than being kept in the palace after being formally declared a virgin, she could lose that virginity and even conceive a child that was not the Emperor’s. Nasib baik melindunginya, karena sebelum pernikahannya, ada pemberitahuan dari istana bahwa Kaisar Hsien Feng sedang mencari istri. We are expected to believe that Orchid, after being chosen as concubine of the Emperor of China, is then sent home.

I liked the details of emrpess court life, and the relationship of the mother and son was well done. I’m not sure these parts flow seamlessly, as if Min is not sure which mij of book she’d like to write, but I did appreciate each part on its own.

It is not a good time to enter the city.

The Last Empress is every bit as good as Empress Orchid as a piece of writing, it is just that I enjoyed the first book in the series more.

I will read the sequel and other books I can find by the author.


Yes, people are out to get her. My reading on the lives of eunuchs, maids, palace tutors, imperial warlords, and generals helped me gain crucial perspective. But beneath its immaculate facade lie whispers of murders and ghosts, and the thousands of concubines will stoop to any lengths to bear the Emperor’s son.

There was no “seduction” or “erotic examination” to speak of as an example, despite the blurbs and quotes on the cover lending this as a major concept of the book itself.

Orchid, a young and whose beauty is compared to that of the orchid flower, finds herself caught up in the Imperial and royal court of the forbidden city, when a royal decree announces that the Emperor is looking for mistresses of pure blood, and since Orchid belonged from the Manchu community but with a mediocre background, she luckily gets chosen by the royal court and hereby commences her life in prchid palace, where mistresses plot orcuid one another to win the trust of the Emperor by bearing him an heir.


Emperor Hsien Feng dies whilst in exile. Sve jedna glupost za drugom.

Empress Orchid: Anchee Min: : Books

Selain saya menjadi tahu sedikit lebih banyak tentang Sejarah Dinasti Chi’ing Qingsaya juga belajar bagaimana kehidupan istri-istri yang berbagi suami, susahnya mendidik anak yang manja, sampai ocrhid membangun ‘karier’ dengan mempertahankan orang-orang yang terpercaya dan memiliki kapabilitas tinggi di bidang masing-masing. Min also seems to want to move beyond the evil woman syndrome.

Berkali-kali Anggrek berusaha dijebak karena kecemburuan para wanita, terutama Nuharoo sang Permaisuri. You are commenting using your Twitter jin.

Tapi kebahagiaan Anggrek akan perhatian Kaisar yang kembali tidak bertahan lama. I adored reading about what Orchid did to be chosen as a wife, and what she did later to gain the Emperor’s interest. This was our first pick selection process is made by everyone putting a choice into a hat and then one being picked out. This book is about the life of Empress Dowager Cixi, but not written by Dowager herself.

These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. It’s a complex conflict, but despite this, Anchee Min had completely lost my interest at that point and I was skimming the book rapidly and not missing much, I suspect. Being able to read Chinese, Min was able to extensively research her period using primary sources. This means that Orchid says one thing but something else may be going on. Her tactic works and she soon becomes the Emperor’s favourite consort.

The fascinating, implausible life of Tsu Hsi, or “Orchid,” was reviled by the revolutionary Chinese, but here it receives a sympathetic treatment from Min Red Azalea ; Becoming Madame Maowho once again brilliantly lifts the public mask of a celebrated woman to reveal a contradictory character.