In his “Primer ensayo hacia una tragedia mexicana”, Rodolfo Usigli El gesticulador”, observes that in writing the play Usigli appears to have pursued two goals. : El gesticulador (COLECCION LETRAS HISPANICAS) (Letras Hispanicas / Hispanic Letters) (Spanish Edition) (): Usigli, Rodolfo. El Gesticulador / La Mujer no Hace Milagros [Rodolfo Usigli] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El gesticulador es la maxima obra de.

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El Gesticulador allows the reader to question the meaning of truth. J Luis Rivera rated it it was amazing Sep 19, The story is published in The New York Timesand Rubio comes to the attention of his compatriots, receiving accolades usili fielding offers to run for the governorship besticulador his state against a corrupt Revolutionary general.

His legacy will live on because of those who believe in it, just like the Mexican Revolution, while appearing to be a failure to some, lived on through those who believed in its purpose. To ask other readers questions about El gesticuladorplease sign up. Feb 04, Evelyn rated it liked it.

El gesticulador by Rodolfo Usigli

I also enjoyed the diction: But for me, Usigli is critiquing this way of “finding oneself” suggesting that identity cannot be rooted only in desire, deception, and falsities. On the surface, there are two Cesar My initial criticism would be that the themes and satire is developed too overtly and that the lack of subtly in the dialogue and the story line gesticulxdor away from the play’s power as a portrayal of the impact of the Mexican Revolution.

But I would argue that there are in fact three. El gesticulador by Rodolfo Usigli.

La universalidad de El gesticulador de Rodolfo Usigli: Una lectura brechtiana

Ernie Cordell rated it it was amazing Nov 26, O adaptada al cine. To me, Usigli uses his characters as symbols of the Mexic I enjoyed reading El gesticulador more than I thought I would.

Although I enjoyed reading the book, I do not think that I would choose to read it again; however, that being said, I think it presents the revolution from an interesting perspective of identity and one’s possession of one’s self versus one’s nation.

Feb 03, Mary Frantz rated it liked it. gesticuladdor


El gesticulador

Soulecito rated it it was amazing Dec 03, Jul 28, Neal rated it it was amazing. Identity is ours so long as it is convenient for the powerful to let us keep it.

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July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Feb 03, Janey Fugate rated it liked it.

El gesticulador – Wikipedia

I was able to usgili with him and understand his thought process behind the lie – which made it interesting to continue reading. Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references. El pueblo saw him as a revolutionary hero, and so he was one. The metaphysics of the overpowering cruelty of the corruption reigning in a non historical Mexican time. Yo soy major que muchos de ellos. This play brought a lot of interesting questions about identity to the surface for me as well.

Murderers getsiculador pose as heroes, thieves as diplomats and charlatans as founts of wisdom. Apr 28, Jennifer Johnson rated it it was ok. The play was daring for its time in that it used the true language of contemporary politics, a first for Mexican literature. At issue was the play’s declaration gesticulaador the death of the Mexican Revolution in its institutionalization in the Partido Revolucionario Institucional.

One thing that stuck out to me was how Usigli addressed the idea of the Mexican “mask. Although the actual language is relatively easy to understand and the themes of appearances and self-identification are overtly emphasized, I consider this play to be a wonderful insight into the mind of usigki during the early to mid twentieth century.

In summary, this story highlights the desperate and extensive efforts of one man, in the wake of the Mexican Revolution, attempting to elevate his status through a lie, to reinstate some of the goals of the revolutionaries as he runs for governor equalityand as a result, is not fully supported by his family and in the end, is assassinated. I truly enjoyed reading Usigli’s play and have already contemplated how it could be staged. Alexis rated it really liked it Nov 16, Only Miguel clings to a traditional concept of the truth.

Este libro fue interesante, pero no is perfecto. Already Usigli introduces themes of doubt, family dispute an Although the actual language is relatively easy to understand and the themes of appearances and self-identification are overtly emphasized, I consider this play to be a wonderful insight into the mind of artists during the early to mid twentieth century.


I enjoyed reading El gesticulador more than I thought I would. The work thus became the only play in Mexican history to be censored gestciulador the government. Generally, I do not enjoy reading play’s however I for me, this was an enjoyable read and I think that I can attribute it to both the combination of the plot as well as the way that Usigli constructed the play so that felt that it flowed quickly.

Rubio loses himself in his new identity, viewing it as an opportunity to renew the promise of gesticuladorr Revolution. Feb 03, Sophia K-l rated it really liked it. I was able to connect with him and u Usigli’s book tells the story of one gezticulador prolonged impersonation of one of the Mexican revolution’s infamous generals, Cesar Rubio.

I think that Julia’s character is interesting. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The government cancelled several performances, and writers were hired to severely criticize the performances that were allowed to go on. Fue un escritor indagador de la verdad.

Written in the late What is truth? Although the authors’ muralist counterparts practiced and produced similar and unified works conveying similar messages, the written artists experienced their own sort of identity crisis because there was no central message or common genre. In the second act one of the most interesting dialogue exchanges is between Estrella and Elena in which Estrella says to her “What admirable feminine insight!

Retrieved from ” https: Even then it was met with hostility. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I would even venture to say that his role as a US professor is directly related to how the United States tends to be greedy, sticking its nose in other countries’ business.