Configuring ejabberd – Introduction – Installing ejabberd -. XMPP clients & bots – Ejabberd Rest API – Extending ejabberd. However, the guide is believed to help you understanding ejabberd’s code.

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Path to the new backup file Result: Security issue Namespace delegation gives components access to sensitive data, so permission should be granted carefully, only if you trust the component. Setting size to X rotate log when it reaches X bytes.

The time interval defined in seconds. Name of the new node oldbackup:: With such a deployment you can documenttion balance the traffic to your cluster node using one of the following solution: Execute with root privileges:. In order to take effect there must be a translation file Language. You can configure an interval to make a dummy SQL request to keep alive the connections to the database.

ejabberd XMPP Server

You can place your code inside src directory if anyrecompile ejabberd and run:. How to simulate group chat with multicast For stanza sender Instead of sending two stanzas, like this: Define the permissions that must be used when creating the log files: The message is not sent to any currently connected user.

This guide is a brief explanation of ejabberd internals. The name of the attribute which holds the ID of a roster item. Furthermore, several operating system distributions include ejabberd in their repositories. The same is true for header files: Allowed values in the arguments: You must specify it in some place in the configuration, there is no default.


If one of these options is not set, ejabberd will look for the top-level option with the same name. This option defines port to listen for incoming connections. PubSub clients can define which plugin to use when creating a node: Security issue Privileged access gives components access to sensitive data, so permission should be granted carefully, only if you trust a component.

Full path to a file containing custom parameters for Diffie-Hellman key exchange. Note that ejabberd never edits ehabberd configuration file. Use this option and related ones as explained in section Caching.

This option can be configured to specify rules to restrict roster management. It is impossible to obtain the original plain password from the stored information; for this reason, when this value is configured it cannot be changed to plain anymore. Obviously, this ejabbdrd makes sense for tcp transport only. The bits are specified as an octal number see the chmod 1 manual page within double quotes.

The following databases are supported by ejabberd: When enabled, every call to these hooks triggers a counter event to the configured backend. This option sets the minimum informational entropy for passwords.

ejabberd for Administrators | ejabberd Docs

This option must have identical value on dofumentation nodes, or it will lead to subtle bugs. The default is Raw result string Examples: However, the c2s and s2s connections to the domain example.


This means that all messages sent to an offline user will be stored on the server until that user comes online again.

This can save bandwidth and resources. Luckily, there is dcoumentation helper function for sub-elements decoding, described in the next section and in a lot of cases it’s more convenient to use it. This feature can be used to protect a MUC service from occupant abuses and limit number of messages that will be broadcasted by the service.

Therefore, they are described in this separate section. The file used by pushroster and pushroster-all ejabgerd be placed: The recommended value is fast.

Administration API reference

This option specifies who is allowed to administrate the Multi-User Chat service. Setting count to 0 does not disable rotation, it instead rotates the file and keeps no previous versions around. Full path to a directory Result: There are three domains. Full path to a script that generates the image. The default is the STUN library version.

Namespace is a “top-level” namespace: If a user sends or receives more of those stanzas in a time interval, the exceeding stanzas are silently dropped, and warning is logged. Full path to the backup file Result: Password try to register an account removeuser: