Eigenantrag · Eigenkapitalersetzendes Darlehen · Eigenverwaltung · Einstellung Nachlassgericht · Neue Zeitschrift für das Recht der Insolvenz und Sanierung. Okt. und Durchführung von Verbraucher- und Regelinsolvenzen. Antrag Verbraucherinsolvenz, Antrag Regelinsolvenz, Antrag Privatinsolvenz. Die drohende Zahlungsunfähigkeit ist lediglich bei einem Eigenantrag Bei Regelinsolvenzverfahren („Unternehmensinsolvenzen”, „IN-Verfahren”) wird in der.

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Once the insolvency petition has been received, the insolvency sigenantrag reviews the admissibility of the insolvency petition. Imminent insolvency is only grounds for insolvency when a personal petition is filed.

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If necessary, the insolvency monitor shall propose a plan for reorganisation. The court must not establish such grounds for refusal ex officio.

Einkommensteuer – Festsetzung – Antragsveranlagung. Suche auf der Internetseite ‘Service-Portal Berlin’: The insolvency court reviews the admissibility of the insolvency petition for insolvency protection proceedings as well. Tut er dies nicht, so ist das Verfahren gescheitert. On the date on which insolvency proceedings are opened, the administration rights and rights of disposition are transferred to the insolvency administrator.

This is especially true when a strong insolvency administrator is appointed. They have the right to participate in the appointment of a provisional administrator. Claims by creditors against co-debtors and guarantors are not included in the discharge of residual debt either. The option for provisional self-administration was also created. If there are no grounds for refusal, the court announces in a decision that you will be granted discharge of residual debt if you meet your legal obligations.


Further requirements as to the form and content of this certification is not provided by the law. Self-administration may be ordered as part of standard insolvency proceedings and insolvency plan procedure, but may not be ordered as part of consumer insolvency proceedings Section Paragraph 2 InsO. During the settlement phase, the debtor implements the decisions of the creditors’ meeting, turns to account the available assets and revises the insolvency table. Eigenantrg petition Petitioners for insolvency protection proceedings may only be the debtor himself.

The insolvency proceedings shall be terminated if the debtor has fulfilled the legal costs and the obligations incumbent on the assets executed as part of regelinsolveenz proceedings. The debtor may request the appointment of a specific insolvency monitor by the court.

Final record, reporting and final meeting The final meeting shall be dispensed with once the insolvency plan has been accepted. Companies also have the option of reorganisation as part of debtor-in-possession proceedings. The actual insolvency protection proceedings end once insolvency protection proceedings are opened.

If in this context neither the trustee nor any eigenanyrag files a petition for refusal, the court must grant the discharge of residual debt — regardless of whether and to what extent the creditors have been satisfied. Since mid, a new petition may be filed just five years after final refusal of discharge of residual debt previously this was only possible after ten years.


However, the process for discharging residual debt requires the implementation of insolvency proceedings. Email address subscribed successfully. The supervisory board and shareholders’ meeting are no longer involved in executive financial decisions. However, in most cases an agreement will likely be made regarding this insolvency monitor based on the requirement for independence regelinsolvwnz. These obligations must be satisfied in advance, i.

As part of enforcement law, insolvency law is primarily a civil procedural right. If the debtor has petitioned this, they are entitled to execute obligations incumbent on the assets. The insolvency administrator is rgelinsolvenz to submit an interim report on the further developments in the insolvency case at regular six-month intervals.

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Insolvency petition Petitioners for debtor-in-possession proceedings may only be the debtor himself. Reporting phase The insolvency court reviews the admissibility of the insolvency petition for insolvency protection proceedings as well. Furthermore, you must inform the court and the trustee of any change of residence or employment on your own initiative.

The corrective measure for the creditors is the fact that this insolvency plan must not be any worse than liquidation. Auch wird normalerweise kein Schlussbericht eingereicht.

KG rsgelinsolvenz das Insolvenzverfahren beendet. Der Insolvenzantrag bedarf der Schriftform.