: Efimera. Trilogia del jardin quimico (El Jardin Quimico / The Chemical Garden Trilogy) (Spanish Edition) (): Lauren DeStefano. : Efímera (Avalon) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Lauren DeStefano, Núria Martí Pérez: Kindle Store. Efimera. Trilogia del Jardin Quimico by Lauren DeStefano, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Published November 25th by Puck first published March 22nd The Chemical Garden 1. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Is there any sexual content or language in this book? Brittany themes are rough, though the details are implied. What age would you recommend this to? Nikolae Keaveney Maybe 12 and up? It does contain some ‘scenes’. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. I am starting to think that the authors who attempt to explore this genre have no understanding of what it takes to write such books.

Just making up some new horrible way people are treated in a future society and adding in some angsty love triangle isn’t enough! About 70 year prior to the beginning of the story, humanity got itself into a huge bind.

Playing with genetic engineering, scientists created a new, improved type of people, cured of decease, with longer lives, etc.

Only the offsprings of these new people have some side effects – females now die at the age of 20 and males – of 25 this number thing is weird, but ok, I am not going to linger on it. What happens now is that young girls are kidnapped and sold into polygamous marriage to procreate. The main character of this novel, year old Rhine, is now one of 4 wives and is scared for her future You know what my problem is, right here?

The notion that barely out of teen years young men would be so preoccupied with procreation. Why would they care to make babies? They will be dead in a couple of years! Why would anyone in this world care to have children or place a value on them if they never see them grow, if they never were raised by their own parents?

Such a strong pro-procreation scheme requires a lot of conditioning IMO, some structure that makes young people accept the idea they need to waste their precious years on being pregnant and producing children. You need some older people to think-up and maintain the procreation cycle, because mostly older people care about this sort of thing. Throw a couple of dozen of teens on an island, tell them they only have four years to live and see how many will think about the next generation.

There are some “first generation” people around in this novel, who can live their lives until old age, but I never found them very influential in this world DeStefano created. More often than not they are domestics, and not evil masterminds. Then the whole structure of this world is just unbelievable. Why do these people want to give birth to children when there is nobody to take care of them and so many of them run wild?

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Efímera by Lauren DeStefano (2 star ratings)

Why do they kill young girls if they are so valuable as wombs? Who actually makes these young people work if they know they are about to die? What motivates them to go to work?

None of these questions were answered convincingly to me. laureen

My rant here vestefano pertains to a fraction of issues I have with it. There are great reviews, like this one that explore holes in the world building in terms of economics, politics, etc. You might think I am too nit-picky, question everything, but I just read Paolo Bacigalupi ‘s short story “The People of Sand destefanl Slag” in which people eat sand, regrow their eimera and embellish their bones with blades and I totally bought it! When written right, any, even the most outrageous premise, can make you believe in it.

I am sure there will be some people taken by Wither. I personally found some aspects of this novel distasteful. Instead of Wither I would recommend The Handmaid’s Tale and The Children of Men which deal with similar themes, but in a more responsible and sophisticated way. View all comments. Let me start by saying that I know numerous people who liked or loved this book, and that I see why someone would and I mean no disrespect to your opinions.

You have, in general, written very eloquent, expressive reviews efimear why you liked it and I have read and enjoyed those reviews. I’m not here to step on anyone’s toes. Except maybe Lauren DeStefano’s, because I didn’t like this book.

Wither fans, I might be mean after this point. The basic concept of this book is bulls Let me laursn by saying that I know numerous people who liked or loved this book, and that I see laurenn someone would and I mean no disrespect to your opinions. The basic concept of this book eflmera bullshit.

Science ‘perfected children’ and freed the world of disease, but when their perfect generation had kids, the kids all died when they reached a certain age. It’s so freaking precise it’s ridiculous. Something flips a switch in women at age 20, and in men at age 25, and they die before they reach their next birthday. Aw fuck, who told you you could throw science out the window?

Efimera. Trilogia del Jardin Quimico : Lauren DeStefano :

Disease is not that precise. Someone who is perfectly healthy for nineteen years doesn’t suddenly start dying edstefano they turn twenty. Believe it or not, nature doesn’t give a shit about your birthday. If it had been a wasting disease that meant pretty much no one lived past their 25th birthday because they were wither ing away for their entire lives, I might have bought it. But as is it’s totally ridiculous and serves no purpose except to a provide an excuse for everyone to be young and b make them efimeraa angsty.

And that’s just the beginning of the science fails in this book.

Efimera. Trilogia del Jardin Quimico

My theory is that DeStefano has a horrible swell-up-and-die allergic reaction to research, because she doesn’t seem to have done any. You know what the highest point in Florida is?


It’s called Britton Hill, and it’s feet tall. If both polar ice caps melted, USGS estimates that sea levels would rise feet. That means only feet of Britton Hill would be exposed above the water. Sestefano average elevation, by the way, is feet above sea level, which means that in Rhine’s world it should be feet below the water.

Manhattan, where Rhine lived before she was kidnapped, and L. The damage was so catastrophic that all that remains of the rest of the world is ocean and uninhabitable islands so tiny that they can’t even be seen from space. Which means that North America wouldn’t be left unscathed.

And Manhattan certainly wouldn’t have survived – because really, if you were efimefa enemy power wanting to hurt the States, you’d hit D. Also, the idea of a war that could destroy the Himalayas is ridiculous. And if everyone’s dying before they turn thirty, there’s no way they’re still running a space program, so how would they know if the islands are visible from space or not?

This strikes me as a stunning cop-out. There’s no need for the other continents to be destroyed, except maybe saving DeStefano from having to involve them in her plot. Frankly, if the ice caps melted the world would be fucked up enough without a war. Between ice caps, catastrophic war, and messed up genetic experiences, this world is bizarre beyond readability. If anyone ever, ever, ever tells you this, hit them. It was MAGELLAN whose expedition first circumnavigated the globe; he had five ships and a two second Google search will give you the names of all of them, none of destsfano sound remotely like Columbus’s little fleet.

But hell, that doesn’t even take reasearch.

Anyone who went through American high school should know that Columbus didn’t sail around the world! I don’t think I lairen to explain this.

I lived in South Carolina for about four years and do you know how much it snowed? Also, if the ice caps melted, your average temperature should be higher, not lower. Hurricane season starts in June!

And also, if Africa is shattered, what makes you think you’ll have hurricanes at all? They do require continents to form, you know; they don’t just pop up out of nowhere. So that’s the science for you. Now, let’s talk about non-scientific logic fails. Though girls are supposedly ever so valuable as wombs, those who aren’t bought by the wealthy are killed.

Christmas has somehow, for reasons never explained, become the edstefano celebration.

Look, if the world evimera screwed up, people are going to turn towards religion, not away from it. Rhine’s idea of a disguise is putting in contacts. As if her eyes are her only distinguishing feature.