unification of the two Yemeni Republics in in relation to Edward Azar‟s theory of Protracted Social Conflict. The study verifies Azar‟s. 2 See Edward E. Azar, The Management of Protracted Social Conflict. Theory Theory of Protracted Social Conflict and the Challenge of Transforming Conflict. The Management of Protracted Social Conflicts: Theory and Cases. Front Cover. Edward E. Azar. Dartmouth Peace and conflict studies: an introduction.

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This results in the domination of certain identity groups over others. The effect of this stage is termed resonance, theogy each side has articulated their core concerns and heard the concerns of the other actors.

Therefore, this research work is conclict potential significant contribution to the building of meaningful protractef sustainable peace in Rwanda. The incidents escalated into a war in Julyafter the island-wide pogrom against Tamils. Although the Cyprus conflict now lasts protracetd a long time, its resolution does not seem to be close. In the northern part declared Turkish Federated State of Cyprus, which declared independence in as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprusrecognized only by Turkey.

Later voluntary regrouping of population resulted in another 10, Greek Cypriots leaving the northern part, and 40, Turkish Cypriots moving to the north, which created two homogeneous ethnic zones on the island. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

But again, because of opposing interests all the proposals failed. Azar argued that the denial of basic human needs to a large portion of the population initiated instances of protracted social violence.

The relevance of Edward Azar’s theory of protracted social conflict in the context of Rwanda

Rothman developed a unique approach of conflict resolution that is specifically designed to mitigate protracted social conflict. To overcome the dominance of the international economy, the country in question must work to build institutions that can ease global dependency conflitc stimulate domestic economic growth. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from April Articles with permanently dead external links Wikipedia introduction cleanup from September All pages needing cleanup Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify from September All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify.


Since the start of war there were some attempts to reach a ceasefire. This first step focuses on the tangible “what cinflict the conflict.

theroy By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Azar states that protracted social conflicts can be characterized by “incompetent, parochial, fragile, and authoritarian governments that fail edwxrd satisfy basic human needs. In contrast to the model of interactive conflict resolution ICR that Fisher proposed inwhich includes identity as one of many human needs, the ARIA model “keeps its focus more narrowly attuned to identity issues in particular.

Protracted social conflict

However, it remains a challenge for conflict analysts and peace builders to arrive at an accurate assessment of the actual causes of the conflict for successful resolution and this provokes further analysis of the Rwanda conflict. The fourth and final stage of the ARIA model addresses the “why” and “who” of the conflict, as well as the “how” of cooperation through the tangible “what” of solutions.

The war, that has continued since then, has almost completely disrupted civil administration in the northern province and caused economic devastation of the whole country.

This element, which contributes to the initial creation of protracted social conflict, consists of the fact that people involved in protracted social conflicts create their own identity groups. With government being “endowed with the authority to govern and use force where necessary to regulate society, to protect citizens, and to provide collective goods,” [8] the government plays a leading role in the satisfaction or lack of satisfaction of minority and identity groups.

From the research made, it has been found that Rwanda offers ample evidence to be referred to as a protracted social conflict.

When a group’s identity is threatened or frustrated, intractable conflict is almost inevitable. That led the two communities to embark on a hostile and protracted process of separation and segregation. Identifying the root causes of the Rwanda conflict might provide a baseline for redressing the evils in the country. But hostilities continued and even intensified. The ARIA model is a comprehensive, yet specific approach to resolving protracted social conflict.


Conflict resolution can truly occur and last if satisfactory amelioration of underdevelopment occurs as well.

Numerous peace proposals and plans have been made, but more or less unsuccessful. Protracted social conflict is a technical term in a theory developed by Edward Azar.

This precondition also involves the reliance that many people have on their social groups; because governments in areas that experience protracted social conflict are often unable, incapable or unwilling to provide basic human necessities to the population, individuals turn to their social groups for stability.

To overcome this division of society, national identity must be stressed over individual group identity. By bringing animosities to the forefront, it is hoped that the mutual benefits of ending the conflict can be realized.

Protrwcted Show full item record. Journal of Peace Research 38 3— The term refers to conflict situations characterized by the prolonged and often violent struggle by communal groups for such basic needs as security, recognition, acceptance, fair access to political institutions, and economic participation.

The pre proposals of different federal or centralist arrangements convlict as one or the other side rejected them. When Greek Cypriots wanted to reduce autonomy and representation of Turkish Cypriots, the latter opposed it and intercommunal violence broke out. The resultant disconnection of society and the state can be linked to the protrafted legacy, which, socoal imposed European ideas of territorial statehood onto a multitude of communal groups.

The dominant group isolates itself from the needs of other groups, leading to an even bigger separation between groups even within an ethnicity.